Sunday Morning Puzzle #5

Initially, I dedicate this puzzle to Dr. Geri Hern. Then I dedicate it to Sherman, Curtis, and all the others who almost made it.

I heard many complaints that last week’s puzzle was too difficult. It was not solved until Thursday, and then only by the SDMB pro. Puzzles should not be so hard. I feel contrite. Yes I do.

Therefore, this week I decided to simply list a group that most everyone in the USA should recognize ASAP. However, when I tried to enter this easy list, something went wrong. There has been a glitch! 13 are missing…gone…AWOL! This unfortunately makes the set somewhat less obvious. I’m sorry.(LOL) But maybe someone here could fill in the blanks?

(1), S, (2), (3), ONRO, S, SON, VNURN, (4), TYR, PO, TYOR, OR, PR, UNN, NON, (5), RNT, YS, R, RTUR, VN, (6), VN, NY, (7), TT, (8), RN, OO, OOVR, (9), (10), SNOWR, NNY, (11), (12), OR, RTR, RN, US, (13)_____, US

PS: Numbers in parentheses are there only to number the blanks, and are not part of the set itself.
HINT?: Normally this is where I might put a hint. I don’t think that this is necessary today. I expect this puzzle to be solved PDQ. However, in the very unlikely event that SMP#5 remains unsolved, look for a hint tomorrow.

  2. RSON
  3. SON
  4. RRSON
  5. ONSON
  6. RRSON
  8. WSON
  10. TRUN
  11. ONSON
  12. NXON
  13. NTON

Wow Fretful Porpentine, that was fast. Good job!I am impressed!WOW!

…but could you please explain this? I don’t understand the answer. And who is Dr. Geri Hern?

I’m pretty sure it’s the U.S. presidents, with certain letters missing (I have no idea which ones though, and I don’t feel like figuring it out).

Yes, it is US Presidents. Another thirteen went AWOL from this puzzle - the first thirteen letters of the alphabet.

I can’t find out anything on “Dr. Geri Hern,” either. My guess is she was a presidential candidate for one of the lesser known (read “loony”) political parties.

Well,at least I’m glad no one figured out who the good Doctor Hern is. That makes me feel better. She sure didn’t do her job, though.

Maybe she can make a re-appearance…?

Dr. Geri Hern is an anagram for…

drum roll please…

“red herring”

Cute, huh? Thanks for the puzzle.