Sunday Morning Puzzle #66 ---An Affliction

Warning: this ain’t easy!

Is there a doctor in the house? Perhaps a shrink? Below is a list of encoded movie titles suffering from a certain affliction. All of the titles are encoded using the same cryptogram substitution. Additionally, spaces between the words of each title have been replaced with extra encoded letters, one per space. The same letter substitutes for each space within any one title. Once you discover which that extra letter is, decode it and place it to the left of the title. When all the extra “space letters” have been found and decoded, the resulting letters (from 1 to 12) will spell out the affliction. Any helpful punctuation has unfortunately been removed.

Here’s an example of a “healthy” title and another code:

Gone With the Wind (Extra letter E)
Can you discover the titles and diagnose that from which they suffer?













Don’t worry–doctors agree that this ailment typically runs its course in just a few weeks.

[sub]Not being a fan myself, I thought I had done something wrong when I got to Krzyzewski.[/sub]

Where are all the other puzzle people? I’m getting so lonely…


I actually wondered if this puzzle might have been even to difficult for you…silly me!

I like to think others work on the puzzles, but don’t post for whatever reason. After all, I read and think about dozens and dozens of threads here a week, but usually do not post a reply unless I have something particularly constructive to say.

The Sunday puzzles have been especially challenging lately, and the number of people who like very hard puzzles (and have the time to work on them) is, alas, relatively small.

Still, I especially enjoy exploring the possibilities of cryptograms, codes and the like. As long as at is interesting to even a few others on the boards, I’ll try to keep the Sunday Morning Puzzle tradition going for a while longer.

We also used to have several members who would post original puzzles here as well. I’d love to see others give it a try again…

I’m sorry I waited so long to getting around to solving this. Terrific as always, Mr. B. I go out of town a lot these days, but don’t think for a second your work is unappreciated. I downloading all the puzzles I’ve missed and having a grand time.

I did just solve this one in time for the final party. It takes a little self-control to not scroll over any solvers messages when downloading, but I manage.

And do the supervisors at the NSA know how Peregrine spends the weekend?:wink: