Sunday Morning Puzzle #83 ---Altered Titles

Below are 15 well-known titles with something in common. The solver may at first have difficulty recognizing the titles because the words in each title have been changed. Here are the altering methods that might have been used to obscure the original words:

  1. Anagram
  2. Anagram + 1 letter
  3. Anagram - 1 letter
  4. Synonym
  5. Antonym
  6. Rhyming word.

No altering method was used more than once within any one title. Each altering resulted in a new word, and the new words were placed in alphabetical order.


Events, Flea, Giants, Owns, Plus, With

Answer: Snow(Anagram) White(Anagram -1) and(synonym) the(Rhyme) Seven(Anagram +1) **Dwarfs(**Antonym)

Note: There are a few leftover words scattered here and there. These words can be used to get a bonus 16th title.

How many of the titles can you identify?

  1. Ears, Lay, Raise

  2. A, Against, Banks, Beth, Rams

  3. Arrive, Tune

  4. Depressed, Few, Globe, Stare

  5. From, Jaw, Mailman’s, Plea

  6. Arts, Atop, Dish, Ma, Me, New

  7. Ade, No, Sell, Sprinkles, Stalling, Yam

  8. As, Bouy, Brie, Her, Speak

  9. Course, Heat, Sir, They

  10. Bow, Eye, Nor, Rate, Shall, Stop

  11. Dark, File, Fly, Pun, Thee

  12. Dawn, Faster, In, Ski

  13. Off, One, Ringing, Tears

  14. Be, Out, Sonic, Spring, There’s

  15. Dependable, Lilac, Overt, See

Okay, this is kind of hard, so here’s a hint:

They are all song titles, with something in common.

I’ve got… uh… one, so far.

Okay, I think I’ve got them all, except #2. None of the songs in the ‘theme’ seems to fit the pattern. I’ll post my answers after I give it a few more minutes.

I call foul on #2. Rams should be RAMs if you’re going to use it that way… it is an acronym, and as such should be capitalized.

  1. Que Sera, Sera
  2. Thanks for the Memories [A left over]
  3. Moon River
  4. Up Where We Belong
  5. Talk to the Animals
  6. When You Wish Upon a Star
  7. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head
  8. Say You, Say Me [Her left over]
  9. The Way We Were
  10. My Heart Will Go On [Bow left over]
  11. You Light Up My Life
  12. The Morning After [In left over]
  13. Swinging on a Star
  14. Three Coins in the Fountain
  15. Call Me Irresponsible [Overt left over]

All Oscar-winning tunes, as is #16 : Overt Her A In Bow, or Over the Rainbow.

Congratulations CandidGamera!

You found all the Across, Behind, Thongs.

Sing your praises!