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What’s the name of the guy that Oprah portrayed as being a slimy guy because some guy’s wife thought he was a bad influence on her husband then the guy went and killed himself? Wikipedia doesn’t have anything about it.


Is this really recent?

I would think that since a big deal was made about a similar thing on the Jenny Jones show… that it happening with the grand dame Oprah, it would be a bigger deal.

I 'unno. Doctor Phil?

Hardly recent. It was in her first couple of years on the air.

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It was on Jenny Jones, not Oprah. Wikipedia has what you’re talking about in an article about her.

Well it was Jenny Jones if it were really a gay guy having a crush on a straight guy then straight guy killing gay guy. Never heard of any other similar stories though.

Er no. It wasn’t on Jenny Jones. I know about that whole fiasco of the closeted guy getting hit on the straight guy and then having gay panic. This was really early on with Oprah’s show in the first six years. The topic was about people who are bad influences on loved ones.
This one wife brought on her husband’s pal who she felt was a bad influence because he was single and, in her estimation, a womanizer. The show really made the guy squirm and he ended up committing suicide mentioning Oprah in the suicide note.