Super Bowl catches: Whose was most impressive?

I’m going to limit this poll to two specific catches. Both are incredible IMHO, but which is the most incredible?
(links go to autoplay videos)
Julian Edelman.
Julio Jones.

I’m going to out my vote and go with Edelman. Jones’ catch was incredible but receivers train to make that catch and get their toes down. I don’t know how they do it but lots of them can. Edelman’s catch required fighting off 3 defenders and getting his fingers under the ball with just an inch or two to spare. Both were impressive as hell but I’ve got to give a slight edge to Edelman.

That’s the one I have in mind for the “amazing” Jones catch of SBL1, other people say differently and are talking about something else in the fourth quarter. I see receivers doing something like that all the time but it’s never that graceful.

But I have to go with Edelman’s too, because the pressure was on, the timing of the collision was perfect and the effect was hilarious, at the game and in my house. I loved every single thing about it.

Jones catch was a run of the mill miracle catch that immensely talented humans pull off once or twice a week during the regular season. Edelman’s catch clearly required his beard to temporarily apply a gravitational pull to hold the ball in place while he scrambled to get his fingers underneath it after it bounced off of several uneven surfaces inches from the turf.

I voted for Julio, but not for the one you linked.
This one is more impressive:

I agree with others. The Jones catch is one you can see on highlight reels every week. You can see similar ones that are more impressive. The Edelman catch was much more unusual.

That’s the one I thought the OP was listing. Didn’t feel a need to check the links until this.

I agree with you. I thought for sure JJ was out of bounds, but wow, amazing airborne foot control. Also amazing, the refs got all three of these amazing catches right the first time.

Lastly, because I am such a hopeless homer, reading the thread title my answer was going to be, and might always be, David Tyree.

I voted for Julio.

Edelman’s catch was insane and you might never see anything like that again but it was as much luck as skill or talent to get it. Not to denigrate Edelman, most receivers would have dropped that but what made the catch amazing wasn’t what Edelman did, but the situation in which he did it.

Jones’s catch shows him to be some kind of athletic sorcerer or perhaps the product of genetic experimentation. I have trouble seeing a human being do that without aid of CGI. And he had a couple catches like that (hence the confusion as to which catch is in the poll) which just illustrates how good he is.

Oopsie. I had forgotten that Jones had two amazing catches and just linked to the first search result on I’d still go with Edelman for “most amazing” but give the nod to Jones for his body of work.

The answer is of course David Tyree.

I’m going to be a little weasley about the two choices given. Jones was part of a better play by Edelman had the better catch. The throw to Jones had to be perfect within an inch for it to be at all catchable. Amazing throw, amazing catch. Best play of the game. Edelman recovered a shitty throw that was tipped and made a phenomenal catch.


His was skill; Edelman’s was luck.

This is very true, however I still voted for Edelman’s. I’ll remember that catch a year from now, Jones’ not so much.

Edelman’s for the good and sufficient reason that he was a QB at Kent State and I went to Kent State (a couple hundred years before Edelman, but still.) :slight_smile:

Was rooting for the Falcons (would have bet on the Pats, were I a betting type), but Edelman’s was the more interesting one. I’ll still go for David Tyree’s from Super Bowls I’ve seen, though.

Jermaine Kearse, if they’d won.


He and Baldwin are circus performers, Baldwin even caught a pass with his butt this season, no joke.

The situation was luck. That he caught the ball was skill.



Baldwin butt catch