Super Bowl Halftime Show

OK, I’ll start it.

What is it that is making this look taped to me? I mean, I believe that it’s live, but something about the video is making it look like a taped show.

Do the people around the stage get paid to jump up and down and clap? Or are they all related to the band?

I’ll add that the show is really, really, tedious.

It’s like a super-duper love fest, man!!!

That wasn’t worthy of the Superbowl half-time show. Felt more like it belonged in the opening ceremonies of the Pan-Am Games.

I don’t get the theme. It’s suppose to be old, present and new. Is Cold Play considered old?

I liked it. Good energy.

Real mish-mash between the cold-play rainbow love-fest and the Beyonce BDSM sex-fest.

  1. Yes.


To me, it’s the lighting. It almost looked green screened to me for a bit, because the sculpted foreground lighting and the flat (natural) background lighting on the stadium were so different. I don’t know if that’s what you’re reacting to, but that’s what it was for me. I mean, these things are usually lit, but the lighting was a bit more dramatic than I’m used to seeing in video.

I liked it a lot. Then again, I love Coldplay.

I could have done without anyone else, though.

British. What the hell with a bunch of Poms playing at the Super Bowl???

I’d say 2000, when Yellow came out, but still yes.

The play left me cold.

You need to chill out and have a Pepsi.

That makes sense. It’s rare for a Super Bowl halftime to have any natural daylight at all.

It also looked weird because during the first song everyone in the stands were holding red and yellow placards I think. It looked, at first glance, like empty red and yellow seats.

My reaction as well - I couldn’t figure out why, but I think you’re right about the lighting. I kept thinking that it seemed like people were edited into the shot.

Related to my question in the OP, why do people in the stands do that? Come halftime, I’m going to the bathroom, and then buy a bratwurst and a beer. I’m not going to sit there and flash placards.

BTW extremely ummemorable performances all around IMO.

Lady GaGa had em all beat.