Super Bowl in New York or New Orleans?

There has been some speculation as to what to do with the Super Bowl now that Week 16 of the NFL season has been pushed back. One possibility suggested is to move the Big Game to New York as an economic boost to that city. I really don’t think that will happen, and think that frankly its a bad idea.

I have visions of 65,000 people freezing their asses off in the middle of February; hotel rooms being impossible to book; and frankly, the city of New Orleans getting totally screwed. If the game is held in New Jersey, it would be a transportation nightmare. If it were held at Shea Stadium, or Yankee Stadium, getting hotels would be next to impossible.

While on the surface it’s a nice gesture, and it would be kind of fun if the SuperBowl was held in a blizzard, (not to mention it would be only 2 hours from my house) it’s simply not practical.

Don’t worry - we’re keeping the Super Bowl in N.O. It’s now locked in. Cite pending.

FTR, I didn’t like New York’s play for the Super Bowl. I think the powers-that-be were taking advantage of the WTC tragedy.

There was NEVER the slightest chance the SUper Bowl would be played in New York this season… and it will NEVER happen, unless New York builds a large, indoor stadium for the Giants and Jets. In the unlikely event that the city agreed to do that, the NFL would surely promise New York a future Super Bowl as a reward (the NFL offered similar bribes to Minneapolis and Pontiac, which built deluxe stadiums for the Vikings and Lions).

The Super Bowl is always held in either a warm-weather locale or in a dome. That’s not going to change any time soon.

Cite, as promised:

Why not hold the Super Bowl in Afghanistan? Can a 300-lb safety penetrate the defenses of AK-47 weilding Taliban forces? Can football fans be rowdy in an opressive, radical fundamentalist Muslim country?

Is the location of the Super Bowl really a topic of adequate depth/importance to bring to GD?

Why not, they let you post here don’t they?


Why did they have to move the Super Bowl date at all? IIRC, there are two weeks between the conference title games and the Super Bowl. Why can’t there only be one week between them? It happened the year the Rams beat the Titans.

Hub- I’m afraid you’re mistaken this year.

Usually, there ARE 2 weeks between the conference title games and the Super Bowl, but THIS year, there was only a one week layoff.

As you can guess, that makes a lot of difference this season.

Apparently while the Big Game is still in the Big Easy, rescheduling it for 2/3 is Very Difficult:

The NADA is shaking the NFL down – that’s all.