Super NES Questions

First of all STOP LAUGHING. OK so it is 1995 technology. Anyway I bought this system back then with a bunch of games and found I couldn’t do any of them. I still haven’t made it past level one on Ms PacMan.

So I have two questions.

On Donkey Kong Country #2…I was going fast and as I hit the down button where you first log in (you can choose Game 1, Game 2 or Game 3) I hit the down button really fast and viola up came another option “Cheat Mode” I can’t figure out what it does though? I hit every button on my controller but nothing activates it.

Now this got me thinking there MUST be some purpose for it. Now on Tetris 2 game you can choose to start at any level up to level 30. Now I can actually do Tetris. However it doesn’t allow you to save where you leave off. So everytime you quit you have to start out at level 30. I have made it to level 75. Does anyone know anyway on Super NES to start at a higher level than 30 on Tetris 2?

I know I should get an updated Xbox or something but I reckon since I can’t do the old Super NES it would be a waste of money to buy something more advanced.


Question #1
This should help.

Question #2
Isn’t there an option to enter a password? All of the Tetris games are blurred together in my mind, but I’m pretty sure that was the method. There is another option, but I’m not sure if it is against the rules to say it or not and I’m not going to risk it.

I say update. I never used to be able to win games in the early nineties. I have yet to find a PS2 or XBox game I haven’t won in less than a week.

I think most games are getting easier to reach a wider audience.

Older games tend to be more “arcade” type games - you must do so and so in a certain amount of time, and the enemies are relentless.

Still, there are some great games for NES and, for my money, the very old Sony 3DO has some of the best looking games ever made.

With PS2 and Xbox, they’ve improved a lot of visuals by making them… as though they are seen through a light fog.

i think with the old games because you couldnt save on the majority of them you had to sit down and play it all the way through where as with the save feature its much easier to pick up and play now and again and make it through to the end eventually. has info, e.g. hints, walthroughs, instructions, etc, on all video game systems games & PC games too.

is the actual link to it

Thanks. The Super NES Donkey Kong gives you the option to save and start at that point every so often. In fact all the SNES games have this except the Tetris 2. It allows you to start at any level from 1-30. After level 30 you must work your way up.

with some creative web searching, some soldering, and some downloading, you can play all those SNES games on your XBOX