Super Smash Bros Melee. The most over hyped game of the last 5 years.

Look, I know that all the Wii owners are drooling at the thought of finally getting a AAA title on their systems other than the big 3 (Z,SMG and MP3) but seriously, do we really need to have what seems like hourly updates and new screen shots on the front page of every frigging game site on the web? I swear they make a big headline about every new screen shot that is released. And this has been going on for what I think is almost 2 full years. I think this game was being screened before the Wii even came out.

I’m not saying that it’s going to be a bad or good game. I’m just saying that it seems like the next year of Wii hinges on this single game because their aint shit coming down the pipe for the foreseeable future and the supersaturated coverage of this niche game is making Wii owners seem (as) desperate (as they are).

I own a Wii and hope the system picks up soon but lay off the coverage of this damn game. No game can meet these expectations!

pssst. It’s Super Smash Bros: Brawl

Clearly, you haven’t been inundated with enough hype.

Ah shit. That’s the GC version isn’t it?

This is nothing compared to the Halo 3 hype for the 360.

Aww… I wanted some Brawl-branded mountian dew.

Are you kidding? The most overhyped game of the last five years is Spore. Nothing comes even close to that hype.

Duke Nukem Forever.

No, were talking about games that actual have a chance in hell of hitting the store shelves.

I second Spore (though that doesn’t stop me from drooling over its eventual release). I haven’t noticed any Halo 3 hype, but I remember the Halo 2 hype, as well as a lot of hype for some Final Fantasy game a few years back (I’ve never had any interest in the series, so I’m sorry I don’t remember which game I’m referring to). It happens. Every now and then an upcoming game is heralded by angels from on high since its conception. Sometimes it may be worth it, other times it’s just completely overblown. I’m indifferent to it, except for games that I’m already looking forward to (such as Spore and SSB: Brawl).

As a Wii owner who has zero interest in SSB, and who is disturbed at the Virtual Console decrease to only two new titles a week, I’m considering selling my system while there’s still enough of a demand to get a decent price for it. You’re not kidding when you say that there is literally no other significant game in the pipe from Nintendo or a third party for at least the next year. The Wii is going to turn into Gamecube 2 - no games - but not before they sell a billion more consoles.

I’ve heard that developers are very happy with this Wiimote. I haven’t seen anything come from it yet.
It’s close…where’s that shark?

I worked for a video game store for almost three years. No game was hyped like Halo 2. Sorry, Smash Brothers Brawl doesn’t even come close, and Spore is so far off the hype map it’s an underground, indie title. Even Halo 3 didn’t come close to Halo 2, despite the product placement and super limited (but not really, suckers!) special editions. People thought of Halo 3 like, “Oh, sweet, I’ll get it,” as opposed to, “Oh my God I’m having trouble swallowing my saliva,” like they did for Halo 2.

Wii Fit is a pretty widely anticipated release.

Mario Kart too.

I agree that SSB is getting a lot of hype, although from the looks of things it may be justified. Famitsu gave it a perfect score, IIRC, which is pretty rare.

You mean the standing simulator?

Yep, the standing simulator that’s sold 1,500,000 copies in 12 weeks in Japan :slight_smile:

Last 5 years? Well, one I can remember that was grossly over hyped was “XIII”, the cel-shaded FPS. The video game review show X-Play devoted an entire half-hour show to the game prior to release, really pumping it up. And then they actually got to play it, and went, “meh.” I think it got a 2 out of 5 rating.

I’m sorry, did everyone sleep through the hype-orgy that was the run up to World of Warcraft? It seemed to be deemed the second coming of Jesus for the PC at one point.

WiiWare (downloadable games) is launching for the Wii in a couple months too. I’m hoping to see some good stuff on there.

Off the top of my head: Mario Kart, Monster Hunter 3, Wii Fit, Sega Superstar Tennis, Dragon Quest Swords, and Animal Crossing. That’s not counting enhanced ports of Okami and Bully. Keep in mind that we have very little idea of what’s coming in '08 in general, and Nintendo plays their cards very close to their chest. The launch of Wii-Ware is doubtless to see a lot of cool stuff as well.

I’m sorry, but SSB:B is the very antithesis of a niche game. It’s predecessor sold over 5 million copies, and was the highest-selling game on the Gamecube. Since its release in Japan, SSB:B sales have been absolutely through the roof, and the game is going to explode the minute it’s released in the US. Smash Bros. is one of the most popular IPs in gaming.

Also, Wii owners are not desperate for software. Having been released a little over a year ago, you’ve already got Wii Sports, Zelda, Metroid, Mario Galaxy, No More Heroes, Resident Evil: UC, the Trauma Center games, Zack & Wiki, NiGHTS, Sonic & the Secret Rings, and Mario & Sonic at the Olympic Games. That’s a very healthy place for a console to be, software-wise, at this point in its lifetime. And that’s before you get into cool niche titles like Metal Slug Anthology, Ghost Squad, the upcoming House of the Dead collection, the upcoming SNK releases, etc. Plus everything on the Virtual Console.

People are seriously overexaggerrating the Wii’s software situation, and apparently have very short memories regarding this type of thing.

As other posters have noted, the SSB:B coverage (which is limited to a single blog, and then people getting excited about what’s posted on it) is laughable compared to what Halo 3 got.

Also, the game is apparently living up to these expectations as we speak.