Super Terrific Black Friday PC hardware/Software Deals Thread!

It’s starting guys! And this year I’m looking for a new Gsync Monitor and possibly a set of wireless headphones. In fact PC hardware is offering a lot of bang for the buck this year, so I want everyone to share any good PC hardware deals they find!

Up right now are the Origin and Uplay sales, and Steam should be following suit in a few hours:

Origin noteworthy:

Dragon Age Inquisition is $15. I might have been a disappointing sequel, but for $5, you really can’t go wrong here - there’s a ton of content to play though, even if you’re mainlining this game (and you should mainline it).

Tomb Raider, the reboot is a great, if on rails adventure game. For $6, it’s a definite recommendation.

Mass Effect trilogy… who hasn’t played this yet? If you’ve been under a rock for the past 8 years and haven’t played one of the best sci-fi RPGS out there, this is a great time to pick it up. Just $15 and it comes with most of the DLC that matters.

Looks like Ubisoft has FarCry 4 and Witcher 3 at a substantial discount (50% off W3, 70% off FC4). Also Wolfenstein the new order for $9. Super good deal!

Haven’t seen anything from Amazon yet.

Some hardware deals:

1080p? That’s so 2007 man! 1440p is where it’s at, cause ain’t no body got money for that 4K GPU.

1440p 27" monitor from mono price $249

Ebay ahs the 27" 1440p catleaps for $150

If this had Gsync I’d be buying it now:

Awesome for productivity as well as gaming. 21:9 ultra wide 34 inch 3K monitor.

Newegg has a lot o f sale son RAM. This 16 GB kit has blazing fast RAM for just $64:

They also have the 980ti for $550 after rebate. Killer deal if you’re looking to go high end.

They also have the 950 for $150 if you’re looking for a more entry level GPU:

Newegg also has a deal right now if you use VISA checkout for $25 off. American Express also has a similar deal with Newegg (you’ll have to add it on the AMEX site). They stack.

I got this 4GB R9 380, normally at $219 at $120 dollars after the deals, plus another $20 rebate coming.

Steam Sale is on!

I’m probably going to finally pick up Total War Attila. The new Charlemagne DLC was just announced and it’s also on sale now.

The Shadowrun games are on sale on Steam on as a tripple pack (and individually). If you have ANY interest in RPG’s, I’d definitely recommend these, awesome games.

For monitors, look at ones with a resolution of 3440x1440. Do not buy Acer - apparently they have major QC issues.

I want to spend around 100 on a video card, what should I be looking for this weekend?

I WANTED to spend that, and I did.

Three weeks ago.

Why did it not occur to me that sales were coming?? :eek:

The GTX 950 is likely to be discounted to around that price point.

I don’t know if it counts as Super Terrific, but I’ve had my eye on Starcraft II’s Heart of the Swarm for a few years now, and just got it from Amazon for $10.

Turns out it never dropped below 140. :frowning:

If you have a Five Below near you, the one by me has had a stack of HotS hardback strategy guides for the last three months or so. YMMV based on location.

Even on Cyber Monday?

Nvidia has the market cornered right now. I guess they saw no reason…

I don’t think I do, but I’m not a multiplayer gamer anyway–having two young kids, when I’m at home I’m always on call. Single player makes that possible in a way that MP doesn’t. And if I need a strategy guide to get through SP, there’s something very wrong with me :).