Superbowl streak,

I’m sure we’ve all heard of the first time I saw this website on a naked body was at the superbowl. I found out that there were MANY, MANY more instances in which people chose to promote this website through streaking.

SO my question is this: What do these people get that is POSSIBLY worth doing this? There has to be some big payoff and I’m not seeing it… any ideas?

It seem to me that the online casino pays streakers to write the URL on their bodies.

Streakers get money, casino gets exposure.

From the website:

Well, can’t speak for the others, but the Superbowl streaker did it because…it’s what he does, apparently.

And I notice that on the “Events” link, out of 10 additional streaker events, this Mark Roberts did 6 of them. So evidently it’s just his little claim-to-fame, he’s a “professional streaker”.

Why don’t you call Fred Sebag and ask him what the streakers get?