Supercomputers and Artificial Intelligence Impact Survey 2020++

According to this chart, we are looking at 2020 as the date when a supercomputer exists that can simulate/model a human brain in real time:

Latest chart from IBM Blue matter team indicating time line for supercomputer brain modeling and the human brain

If the trend holds, then it follows that by 2030 a super computer will exist that can simulate a brain 10x more complex than a human brain. And by 2040, a supercomputer will exist that can simulate a brain 100x more complex then a human brain.

You can read much more about this here:…

So what do you think will happen over the decades following the day a supercomputer is capable of simulating a brain as complex as a human brain?

Not a clue. However, simulating something doesn’t mean anything necessarily - it might simulate it at a rate much slower than it actually runs.