Superhero media that could have been

Don’t want to hijack the elevator pitch thread, so I’m starting this.

One that comes to mind is Runaways, which strays profoundly from the comics. And–especially in season 2–the actress trying to dress like Molly makes me think of Mickey Rooney trying to pass as Fallout Boy. But I really wish there could have been an accurate adaptation of the comics, ignoring the limits of character rights and audience confusion. For instance, I want to see an accurate (because smaller is funnier) Molly take on The Punisher and Wolverine,

So what missed translations from the comics to the screen do you morn?

I mourn every cinematic portrayal of Doctor Doom. He’s one of the best characters in comics, but no one’s even tried to do him justice.

The Roger Corman movie tried. (It failed miserably, of course, but it tried.) The guy playing Doom was a horrible actor, but he had the perfect voice for a villain in an iron mask. The armor was obviously plastic, but they did an excellent job on the mask.

The third X-Men movie mangled the Dark Phoenix storyline rather badly. I hear they are going to try again. I am not optimistic. Sophie Turner is a fine actress, but whenever she is on screen, she reminds me of just how perfect for the role Famke Janssen was.

Well, the Fantastic Four have tried to do him justice, but it never seems to stick.

I don’t care that the actress playing Starfire is black, what bothers me is that it looks like she’s wearing the cheesiest, cheapest costume ever.

Doom Patrol

I challenge that with Cyborg and/or Robotman.

There is only one true Starfire.

At one time, they were talking about a traditionally animated TV version of The Incredibles.
Which vanished.

IIRC, the disappointing Lone Ranger with Johnny Depp was originally going to involve werewolves that needed to be — well, gunned down with silver bullets.

I think I’d have enjoyed seeing that.

I just saw something that said the new take on Dark Phoenix is pretty terrible. And yeah, Famke Janssen was perfect for the role.

That is true, so why did you link to that one?

Because that is the best one. Duh.

Teen Titans Go version is the best? :eek:

Teen Titans Go is actually pretty awesome. The world needs more superhero stuff that leans into the ridiculousness of the genre.