Superheros that became Supervillains

My co-worker just asked me this question, and I realized that I really don’t know the answer:

How many superheroes have become supervillains? I could think of Dark Phoenix, although I’m not sure she actually counts, and surely Supes has gone mad at least once in his long comic run, but I couldn’t think of any other examples.

And I don’t mean temporary villain-hood; I mean a (at least semi-) permanent switch. Mystique is an example going the other way - worked with the Hellfire Club, then worked with the X-men for a while.

Magneto was a hero for a while and ran the X-Men while Professor X was away. He went back to villany.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan became the villain Parallax.

Braniac 5 goes crazy and becomes a villain periodically.

Sinestro. Even though the name was a little leading. His parents must have hated him… :eek:

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Tony “Mussolini is my role model” Stark!

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From Watchmen:


Plastic Man went in the opposite direction: from a small-time crook to a superhero.

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Love Rhombus:

Nah, he was just left-handed, is all.

Hm. RealityChuck, I honestly hadn’t considered him. But then, Ozymandius is rather a prime example of “the villain is the hero of his own story”, isn’t he.

Ozymandias. If you don’t recall Shelley’s sonnet, just remember that there’s no u in the name.

Didn’t that sort of happen with the Green Goblin? Or the Hobgoblin? Or one of those guys?

Is Quicksilver a villain these days? I’m never sure.

Neither is he. :dubious:

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Superboy Prime

The first Hawk and Captain Atom both took the identity of Monarch, attempting to become tyrants. Hawk eventually renamed himself Extant and attempted to remake the history of universe in his image.

Hal Jordan did a long period as Parallax, though he then died and became the Spectre, and is now alive as a Green Lantern again.

Maxwell Lord, before it was changed to his being evil all along, went from the man behind the Justice League to the villain Lord Havoc.

Batgirl went insane and evil for a period…now she’s back…sort of.

Raven fell under her father’s influence and turned evil, and was killed for it. She’s been good since she came back to life.

Jericho, another former(?) Titan went evil…and died for it… Came back to life good, again.

Both the Swamp Thing and Aquaman, though mostly heros, have bumped heads with the status quo over the mistreatment of nature and the oceans respectively. Green Arrow has occasionally been so anti-establishment that he almost qualifies as a “grudging hero”, only barely on the right side of the line.

Kid Miracleman

Namor & The Vision

In one future, the Hulk becomes the evil Maestro.

Man-Bat switched from good to evil and back a few times.