Superheros with non-super families

The answer to your question is Animal Man. Late 80s/ 90s Grant Morrison version is available in trade I believe, and if I’m not mistaken DC recently successfully relaunched the title. He has an unpowered wife and two normal kids, and iirc the hero life and home life clashed frequently.

Good answer- though one child is now “super” in the relaunch. The New 52 series deals pretty directly with how the family deals with Animal Man, the super hero.

Off the top of my head, and just going with those who married people who weren’t in the superhero/villain business, powers or no…

Superman to Lois Lane, Spider-Man to Mary-Jane Watson, 3/4 Flashes - Jay to Joan Williams, Barry to Iris West, Wally to Linda Park, Hourman to Wendi Harris (not to be confused with Wendy Harris), Stripesy (sidekick to the Star Spangled Kid) to Barbara Whitmore (his step-daughter, Courtney, found SSK’s gear in his closet and became a hero (Stars/Stargirl) to annoy him).

Oops, forgot Animal Man and Elongated Man.

Yeah, Animal Man’s the best example - though it’s more a horror book than a superhero one in its current incarnation.

Animal Man himself is a kind of mid-level superhero, now represented as avatar of “the red”, which is the life force of Earth’s animal life. His (very young) daughter is a vastly more powerful version of the same thing, but still a little girl. The family’s completed by his normal human wife, who’s just completely pissed off with the whole thing, and a snotty teenage son with no powers but attitude to spare.

It’s easily the best of DC’s “New 52” reboot books in my opinion, but aimed more at the Vertigo market than traditional superhero fans.

Another vote for Animal Man!

Another good current take on superheroing and parenting is Batman & Robin. The current Robin is Batman’s son, and the series deals very directly with the challenges of being a (non-superpowered) superhero and a father at the same time. It’s excellent.

Wasn’t there a Disney movie call Super Hero High with Kurt Russell that addressed this issue?

I looked at the new Animal Man just now, and hmmmm. It look interesting to say the least. I’m not sure I’ll like that art, but I may give it a try anyway. I look for book 1 today.

John Byrne did some interesting stuff in SUPERMAN/BATMAN: GENERATIONS, where Clark and Lois finally have no secrets from each other but the big guy still needs to keep up the act to keep his non-powered son from being overwhelmed by disappointment. (Joel eventually learns the truth and joins the military to prove himself; after making his father swear not to get involved, the youth gets shot and goes missing in action – around the same time an aging Lois is diagnosed with cancer.)

I love Travel Foreman, but if his art isn’t to your taste, be assured. He’s no longer the artist. Steve Pugh took over several issues ago.

“Sky High”
Not really though. Although it actually was shockingly good for a kids movie…The son of two powerhouse heroes is sent to super hero high school even though he has yet to manifest powers. His lack of powers gets him sorted into the “side-kick” educational track…but ultimately the son did develop powers.