Superheros with non-super families

Are there any notable superheros who have a non-superhero spouse and/or non-super children? If so who and how is that handled. Point them out; I’d like to read those stories.

Isn’t that most of them? Superman and Spider-Man come to mind.

Did Superman and Spider-man get married and have kids? IDK much about superheros beyond blockbuster films.

Spiderman too, neither Gwen Stacey or Mary Jane Watson/Parker had super powers.

In fact, I’m aching to find a superpowered person other than Reed Richards/Mr. Fantastic and Susan Storm/Invisible Woman that are both superpowered. Maybe one of the X-Men?

I don’t know that much about Superman, but Spiderman definitely got married to Mary Jane, though I don’t think he had kids. Regardless, you said “and/or” about the kids, so I assumed that kids weren’t necessary.

That depends entirely upon which continuity (or lack thereof) you wish to consider canonical.
Comic book reality is quite mutable.

The Incredibles, and the First Family in the ASTRO CITY universe, though both of those are arguably based on the Fantastic Four.

Also, the Inhumans in the Marvel universe. Lightning Lad and Saturn Girl and some of the other members of the Legion of Superheroes.

I guess if you count non-super crime-fighters like Batman as “superheroes” you can get things like some of the pairing in The Watchmen, as well as things like Robin and Starfire (though presently a defunct relationship) in Teen Titans. Now that I think about it, even if it’s no more, I think they had Raven+Beast Boy for a while there too, which are definitely both super-powered.

ETA: Speaking of Beast Boy, I think two members of the Doom Patrol were married too, but I’m not too familiar with DC outside of the cartoons, so the Teen Titans cartoon could have made that up for all I know. Though I have heard that the relationships I mentioned above, while currently defunct, did happen in the comics.

I guess what I really want is a depiction of how a superhero might deal with the day to day demands of (non-super) family life and child rearing.

Marvel marriages-
Cyclops/Jean Grey (Jean’s dead)
Quicksilver/Crystal of the Inhumans (Divorced/Annulled technically)
Ronan the Accuser/Crystal of the Inhumans (political marriage that has turned romantic)
Scarlet Witch/Vision (He effectively died and was brought back sans emotion or personality)
Black Panther/Storm (currently married but supposedly not long for this world)
Giantman/Wasp (divorced? or just separated? Wasp is “dead” currently anyway)
Human Torch/Alicia Masters(Lyja the Skrull) (he married an imposter)

Super-Hero marriages are a tricky and difficult thing in-universe and out of universe.
Northstar of the X-men/Alpha Flight just married his partner. It was kind of a big deal.

These two had a daughter, Luna. She was not exposed to the gas which gave the Inhumans their powers, and wasn’t a mutant, like her father, IIRC.

Ralph(Elongated Man) and Sue Dibney.

If that’s all you’re after, then just watch The Incredibles again.

Granted, a few specific “child-rearing” problems they face are of the super-hero variety, but the mundane stuff gets pretty well represented.


That may not be the best example for a new person to start with.

Up until the last couple of years they had a long and happy marriage.

Spider-Man’s marriage was retroactively erased by Mephisto because Joe Quesada is a tool.

In a recent Quicksilver mini-series, Quicksilver (powerless at the time) and Luna basically became terrigen mist “gas-huffers” and Luna eventually developed powers–she can see auras.

Bouncing Boy and Duo Damsel… of course, that was in the 1970s/80s, I’ve no idea what the deal is now.

There was a little serial on CBC radio called “Mary Marvelous,” about a mom who gains superpowers after an accident with a toaster.

The Fantastic Four has been all over the place on this, but at some points in time (during the John Byrne run in the 80s, I think it was), the son of Mr. Fantastic & the Invisible Girl/Woman was non-powered, and there was a fair amount of attention devoted to the issues that raised. (At various other times, he had Vast Cosmic Power; this changed fairly often and not always in the same direction.)

The other interesting quirk is that Ralph’s a skinny geek with a power that looks slightly grotesque; back in his hometown, his Eagle Scout brother the high-school football star went from likable realtor to popular mayor, with the reassuring grin and easy small talk of a square-jawed and broad-shouldered superhero. Ralph? Not so much.