Are there any super heroes whose parents are dead and have to be avenged?

Super man lost his parents when Krypton went Kaboom.

Spiderman/Pete Parker has his elderly aunt Mae. I can’t remember what happened to his parents.

Batman’s parents were murdered, IRC.

I don’t know enough about Aquaman, Wonder Woman and the rest of the Big Time Super Heroes, but they all seem to have come from pretty tragic backgrounds and having some magical powers. In the real world, this would be the right element for a horror movie and revenge, but the goodness in their hearts prevails etc…
However, not being a comic book dor…afficiando, I was wondering do any super heroes have living parental units or even siblings? Or are they all only children, which would take away all the fun if there were two kids in the same family bitten by a radioactive spider. The web fights in the bedroom would be awesome.

Spiderman was motivated to fight crime by the murder of his Uncle Ben.

The X-Men’s Storm was orphaned at an early age.

Jennifer Jones’ parents (and her younger sister) were killed in the accident where she got her powers.

Magneto’s family was killed by the Nazis during WWII.

Robin’s parents were killed by criminals.

Wonder Woman had a sister, didn’t she? Her name is Debra Winger.

Invisible Girl and The Torch (of The Fantastic Four) are brother and sister.

Bruce Banner has a close relative (maybe not a sibling) that became She-Hulk.

All of the main Inhumans are related closely.

The Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver are brother and sister, as are Havok and Cyclops of the X-Men.

The list goes on and on. But most grew up under less than ideal parental situations. Except maybe Sue and Johnny Storm. I don’t remember their particular back story.

She-Hulk is Bruce Banner’s cousin and Sue and Johnny Storm are brother and sister.

Of course the Hero’s family has to die tragically. He can’t be bothered with them being suspicious of his secret identity, harping him on not spending any time studying, or admonishing him to not hang out with such “strange people”. Oh, yeah, and being used as hostages by the latest Villain of Week is bad, too. :smiley:

Yeah, I know they are brother and sister. I was referring to their parental situation. I thought the OP was asking if all superheroes’ parents are dead or otherwise absent, and I don’t remember what the deal with the Storms’ parents is.

And their father is Magneto. Although for many years they thought their parents were The Whizzer and Miss America (WW2-era heroes) and that they had a brother named Nuklo (he was radioactive you see). Quicksilver is or was married to the Inhuman Crystal and they have a daughter Luna. The Scarlet Witch is or was married to the Vision.

In an alt-future timeline, Spider-Man has a daughter, Mae, who goes by the alias Spider-Girl.

It used to be once upon a time that Beast Boy’s foster mother, Elasti-Girl of the Doom Patrol, was murdered and he avenged her. But I think there’s been a retcon and she’s alive again. His step-father went by the alias Mento IIRC, had a helmet that gave him mental powers.

Also from the Doom Patrol, Celsius claimed she was married to The Chief but I think he always denied it. They used to both be dead too but may have gotten better.

Infinity Inc. from DC was made up primarily of second-generation heroes. Two off the top of my head are Jade and Obsidian, the children of the Golden Age Green Lantern. Fury used to be the Golden Age Wonder Woman’s daughter but that’s been retconned. I’m not even going to attempt to explain the tangle that is Wonder Woman’s backstory, and you couldn’t pay me to try to explain Donna Troy’s.

The current Flash is the nephew by marriage of the Silver Age Flash. Impulse is a relative of his from the future, and we’ve seen a dozen or so future Flashes, all of whom are descended from one Flash or another. Another DC speedster, Jessie Quick, is IIRC the daughter of Johnny Quick.

Hawkeye and Mockingbird were married, as were Yellowjacket and the Wasp.

Wanda and Pietro’s father is Magneto. Talk about family drama!

And the Brothers Summers’ father is Corsair of the Starjammers.

I don’t believe they’ll play it this way in the movies but in the X-Men wasn’t Mystique revealed to be NightCrawler’s mother?

Family units of various DC superheroes, that I know of:

Superman’s adoptive parents are still alive and well - and raising Superboy, who is, in a way, his son.

Tim Drake (the current Robin)'s father was alive until very recently. I can’t remember what happened to his mother, but IIRC, she was killed some time back.

Jim Gordon (father of Barbara Gordon, AKA Batgirl/Oracle) is still alive, last I checked. Although her mother died…before she was ever introduced.

The current Wonder Girl’s mother is still around. I don’t know about her father.

Impulse has only seen his mother once since coming to the 21st century. She may as well be dead - even if she even exists any more in the new 31st century. His father was dead before he was sent back.

Superboy never had real parents (being cloned from Superman and Lex Luthor*), but as I said, he’s being raised by the Kents (as their nephew).

Stargirl/Star Spangled Kid’s mother is alive, as is her stepfather (assuming the current JSA storyline goes well for her), although I’m not sure if her parents are divorced, or if her father’s dead. She has a younger half-brother.

Wonder Woman’s mother only died (relatively) recently - a year or two ago, real time, IIRC. Her father would be thousands of years dead.

Some more complicated ones (as if some of those didn’t get complex enough):

Jade and Obsidion are the children of the Golden Age Green Lantern (Alan Scott), who’s still alive. I’m not sure on their mother’s status. She left Alan before the children were born, then gave them up for adoption. I think Jade’s adoptive parents (the Haydens) are still alive, and she has a standard independant young adult/parent relationship with them, and she has someting of a relationship with her father. Obsidian killed his adoptive father. I don’t know the status of his adoptive mother. Given his being crazy and evil, any relationship he has with Alan would be strained.

David Knight, the second-to-last Starman’s father and younger brother were both alive when he was killed. His mother had died well before this. His father, Ted, was still alive for a while after Jack (the younger brother) took over. He was eventually murdered, but I don’t think that effected Jack’s attitude towards his carreer as a superhero one way or another. Getting married and having a child, did cause him to retire, though, and he started as a hero in order to avenge David.

Connor Hawk (Green Arrow II)'s father, Oliver Queen (Green Arrow I) is alive. But he wasn’t for a time. Since coming back to life, he’s developed a very close relationship with Connor, though. (He’d left Connor’s mother soon after Connor’s birth.) If Connor’s mother is alive, he isn’t shown to have a substantive relationship with her. At least not in the current series, I haven’t read the one he starred in.

Ollie’s also a father figure to Roy Harper and Mia Dearden, Speedies I and II. Roy’s an orphan, Mia’s a runaway.

(* We don’t need to get into the full story of Superboy’s cloning. It gets…weird.)

Ah. Sorry. My mistake then. I don’t know either.

Yes. He was her son to a demon masquerading as a German baron.

He got help for his crazy evilness in a fairly recent JSA arc…unless you’re talking about something that happened after that.

I think the Huntress’s family was killed in a mob hit. Daredevil put on the costume to avenge his boxer dad who was killed by mobsters.

Most superheroes are orphans. From a storytelling point of view, it makes sense because a stable two-parent family would hold most kids back from the life of adventure heroes pursue.

Really? I have a huge gap in my JSA reading. First couple arcs, and then the first issue of the current one are all I have. Currently working on catching up. About when does this happen?

OK, my last post there was in response to Necro, of course.

Green Lantern Hal Jordan had a younger brother who was killed in a drunk driving accident.

Reed and Sue Richards have two children, Franklin and Valeria (although the exact circumstances of Valeria’s conception are a bit murky, and there’s the very slight possibility that she’s Doctor Doom’s daughter).

The Power Pack was a group of four siblings all granted powers.

Chris Claremont’s original plan for Mystique to be Nightcrawler’s father, but Marvel apparently nixed that or Claremont just let it drop like so many other plot threads he started then did nothing with.

Roy Harper, the first Speedy and currently Arsenal, has a young daughter or niece that he is raising.

Plastic Man has a son with the same powers he has, but more powerful (he can change colors).

Wally West (Flash) has both parents still alive. His mother is a shrew, and his father is a sometimes villain.

It begins with issue 46, the Princes of Darkness arc, and ends with issue 52. It’s very good.

What’s the story there?

Ok, this is from memory, so I might get some details wrong, but this is the gist of it.

When Franklin was born, Sue very nearly miscarried, killing her and Franklin. Reed and the others went on a mission to the Negative Zone to find a cure for the radiation, and saved them both just in time.

A couple hundred issues ago, Sue was pregnant with her second child. A similar radiation sickness manifested, but this time Reed was unable to cure her, and they lost the baby, who might have been Valeria.

Fast forward to Volume 3. The FF briefly go to an alternate future where Sue is married to Doom, and they have a teenaged daughter named Valeria. When they come back, Valeria comes with them and for a while fights alongside them.

At one point, Reed gets trapped in Doom’s armor, and Sue announces that she’s marrying him, implying that the Doom in the alternate future may have actually been Reed in Doom’s armor.

A cosmic entity starts playing games with reality, and either Reed or Johnny determines that the only way to fix things is to reassemble the Ultimate Nullifier that scared off Galactus in their first encounter. The parts have been scattered into various parallel universes, and they go through some adventures to gather and reassemble them. In the final battle with the cosmic entity, Franklin fires the Nullifier, and apparently uses his natural powers to fix things back to the way they should be.

Reality is restored, Galactus is brought back to life, Valeria is gone, and suddenly Sue is eight-months’ pregnant–a magical conception. When she gives birth, Reed is away, so Johnny goes to the only other person he knows of who can save Sue and the baby–Doom. Doom saves the baby, and insists that his payment be that he be allowed to name her, which he does–Valeria. This turns out to be the name of the first girl he ever loved.

Here’s the conundrum. Is the magically restored pregnancy the one that resulted in Sue’s first miscarriage? If so, Reed is clearly the father. Or is this the teen Valeria from the alternate future deaged to birth age? If so this would seem to indicate that it was Doom’s daughter, but is it the actual Dr. Doom, or the Reed in Doom’s armor Doom?

The assumption is that it’s Reeds child, but there’s always the hint of a possibility there that might be exploited later, kinda like the hint that Mary Jane’s baby might have survived her poisoning and been delivered to the Green Goblin or one of his henchmen.

Magical pregnancies are so messy when it comes to determining paternity.

Mark Waid has wisely avoided the issue of who is Valeria’s father, but used the setup to good effect–Valeria’s first word was Doom, and Doom used her as a mystic portal to spy on the FF and send Franklin to hell briefly.

Huh? Did Reed and Sue get a divorce somewhere? AFAIK, they got married by Stan-n-Jack and have never separated since.