Comics question, a couple.

  1. Has any DC or Marvel super-heroine who had a solo title been married? Super-girl, no. In fact her relationships were kind of one-sided and lame. Braniac 5? A SUPER CENTAUR??

Lois Lane doesn’t count cause she for all practical purposes wasn’t a super-heroine.

Wonder Woman? No.

Ms Marvel. I don’t think so, same with She-Hulk.

2)Who do you think the lamest Legionnaire was? I vote Pete Ross. Dude sucked. And they actually gave him a frigging vote when Star Boy was expelled. He makes Insect Girl look like Wonder Woman.

Storm got a solo title a little while back, and she was briefly married to Black Panther, although not during the time she had her own comic.

Black Canary likewise had a recent solo title, and she was married to Green Arrow for ages. Although, again, not during the run of her solo title.

Jean Grey’s getting her solo title… soon? Now? Not sure if it’s out yet. She was married to Scott Summers. But the Jean getting her own book is a younger, time-displaced Jean Grey from before her relationship with Scott got serious.

We came this close to having a married Batwoman, but DC editorial is full of fucking idiots and they wouldn’t let it happen.

Oh, Mockingbird was married to Hawkeye, and also had a solo book. But, yet again, she wasn’t married during the run of her own book.

Pete Ross was an honorary Legionnaire, so he doesn’t really count. Plus he had no powers at all. Jimmy Olson was an honorary too, but he at least had a power when he was in his “Elastic Lad” persona. Lamest powered legionnaire? Probably Bouncing Boy, Duo Damsel, or Matter-Eater Lad.

You leave Chuck Taine alone!

Scarlet Witch had her own series. She’s married to Vision in the comic book.

But I think Vision died at some point. As is often the case, he got better. But I’m not sure if they’re still married. I’m several years behind on continuity.

Matter Eater Lad could kill Superboy Prime!!

I’m not counting limited series on the other question. But I’ll assume that at least one (if not all) of the titles mentioned did have a real series and I just am not up on current titles. Did Black Canary and GA tie the knot at some point?? Good for them. My marital info on them is about 30 years out of date.

She-Hulk married John Jameson as part of an ongoing plotline in Savage She-Hulk, but apparently only because she was mind-controlled by Starfox.

Been divorced for years, now. Vision later built his own wife, and a couple kids.

It didn’t work out great.

So far as I know, Wally West is still married. The Flash still has a solo book, right?

… has Wally transitioned? That’s gonna make the TV show real interesting if they keep that continuity.

3rd issue came out today.

I’m actually interested in how often male superheroes are married, too. I mean, they made a deal with the devil to unmarry Peter Parker, so there must be some bias against married heroes in general. Then we can compare that to how much less likely it is with women, given how many superwomen get their own book at all.

It was pointed out to me that Jessica Jones has a series right now.

Barry Allen was/is married to Iris West. Their wedding was when Iris finally figured out that Barry was the Flash.

Definitively while they had a series:

Flash (Wally West and Barry Allen)

Now we get to guys I don’t know if they had a series while married:

Sandman (think he had one, the golden era guy)
Power Man
Black Panther


Practically all of the JSA
Elongated Man
John Stewart
Yellow-Jacket (Hank Pym)

Speaking of which…Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel goes from crushing on SUPERBOY to…marrying Bouncing Boy??? Girl has some issues for sure.

Wolverine’s been married a couple times, but I don’t know that any of them were long-lasting relationships, at least in terms of the comic itself. Itsu (his wife and mother of Daken) only shows up in limited flashbacks, for example.

I think Cyclops was married to Jean during his first series (by Brian K. Vaughn) but that was only a 4 issue mini. The Cyclops ongoing (lasted 12 issues) from 2014 deals with the time-displaced O5 unmarried teenager version, much like the current Jean Grey series.

This is an interesting question. I hadn’t noticed the correlation between female title lead characters and those leads being unmarried.

Yeah, I’m pretty sure Jessica Jones is the only one. If DC were to give Lois Lane her own series that would make a second.

During the New 52, J.H. Williams III and W. Haden Blackman wanted to marry Batwoman to her girlfriend, but DC wouldn’t allow it. They left the series.