Best superhero to make love with.

Which Spandex-ized Champion of Justice to rock your world?

Counterpart to this–

Must be an actual superhero.

I’d go with Elastigirl/Mrs Incredible.

Those looks, those stretching abilities…of course, the guy she’s married to is big & bad, but I think it worth the risk.

She-hulk would be fun in a dangerous sort of way.

Of course long after I stopped reading comics I heard something about her having a fling with Juggernaut! I wonder what kind of bed could take that action?

How about a fishnetty threesome with Black Canary and Zatana?

Any of the shapeshifters. You know, for variety.

That was the work of Chuck Austen, notable source of stupidity, and thus got retconned.

And the bed did not survive the experience.


But only if it’s 1960s era Ertha Kitt.

Or Barbarella.

Duo Damsel.

I don’t think you want to be in the room with the Canary cries out in orgasm.

While not the most well-known hero ever, Mr. Terrific ought to be cited since his “super ability” is that he’s simply the best at every form of human endeavor, including…y’know.

“Noooobody DOES it better!”

You know, given the odd mores of the time, it always struck me as weird that Jay Garrick never was bothered that it was his body that murdered Terrific.

My first thought was like the OP, Elastigirl. She can fit you like a moist, hot, glove.

Next up for me is Raven from Teen Titans, not because of any powers, but just because I have a big toon-crush on her.

Sometimes I feel like I’m the only person who both loved THE INCREDIBLES and yet was not all aflutter over Elastigirl. She did not strike me as remarkably hot.

It distresses me to admit this because the character’s so young, but hell yes. Nice little shape she has there–particularly in contrast to Starfire, who mysteriously was changed to a 12-year-old boy for the cartoon.

Really, Skald? Ah, well, less competition for me.

And the scene where she’s asking Mr. Incredible if he has any plans that night, and is sort of flowing around him… One of the sexiest scenes in all of cinema.

Durham Red, if you know British comics.

Or if you stick with mainstream X Rated fantasy then Storm, Jean Grey, Mystique and Rogue, all at once, except with Rogue last as she’d suck the life force out of me.

Yeah, ain’t it always the way. Between her, Katara, and Rei Ayanami, it’s a…ummm…itsaeernn… Sorry my brain stopped working there for a second.

I don’t know whose the other two are. DAre I google them?

Ah, what the hell. I know who to blame.

Storm: Wow, did you feel the earth move?

Black Canary: When she gets off, I want the world to know.

Zantana: Last night was magic, baby.

Triplicate Girl/Duo Damsel: It doesn’t get better than twins.

Mystique would be plotting to betray and possibly murder you later–and by “later” I mean “whever it fit her plans, or you no longer were necessary to her purposes, or whenever it might be amusing.”

I’d be worried about the effects of Storm’s emotions on the environment, frankly.

Jean’s just scary all around.

Jean Grey or Kitty Pryde. Not for their powers, but because the former was played by Famke Janssen in the movies, and the latter was a big influence on Joss for Willow, so a lot of my affection for that character has been retroactively transposed.

I didn’t, either. I found Violet more attractive, frankly.

Voiced by the delicious Sarah Vowell, She can assassinate me any day :stuck_out_tongue: