Best superhero to make love with.

I don’t know about this Rei Ayanami lady, but Katara should be safe enough to Google, since she’s from a Nickelodeon show. I gather from this that you’ve never seen Avatar: The Last Airbender? You’d probably like it, and the first season is available on Netflix’s Watch Instantly.

Rei Ayanami is from Neon Genesis Evangelion. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why she’s so hot, but the skinsuits she and her friends use to pilot the giant mechs certainly don’t hurt.

As Chronos helpfully pointed out, Katara is from the Nickelodeon show Avatar. It’s not so much that she’s super-sexy in her own right, but her powers and her personality, that combination of sweetness and fuck-you-up badassitude (and her outfit in Season 3), makes her highly attractive to me. She should have ended up with Zuko!

Sorry for hijacking the thread, but as these two girls aren’t normal humans, it’s only a minor bending of the OP’s intent IMO :wink:

Poor, poor naive Chronos… >_>

Rogue can control her powers these days.
I imagine no vibrator would be able to measure up to cunnilingus from a speedster.

Red Sonja: and I’m not talking about Brigitte Nelson. Lithe and curvy redhead of iron age and primeval domain, her chainmail searing cold against my bare nipples.

My vote goes Storm. I haven’t seen a good lightning storm in too long…

Wasn’t Violet 12?

Anyway, I didn’t find any of the female characters in that movie erotically engaging, although I suppose I might have been attracted to Elastigirl if I’d kept my eyes closed, as Holly Hunter’s voice is quite sexy.

Kitty Pryde, on the other hand, is quite sexy, and doesn’t ping my personal inappropriate meter, since I was probably a little younger than her character was when she was introduced. Of course she hasn’t aged in real time, but I think she’s at least in her early 20s at this point.

Somehow Jean never did it for me.

The Pro? I mean, it’ll be professional…

Seriously, though, I like the looks of Mary Marvel and Supergirl. Classic short skirt & cape. Or Power Girl, because, well, you know…

I can’t think of any female superheroes other than Elastigirl with the Plastic Man/Mr. Fantastic/Elongated Man power set, whose appeal should be obvious. In terms of other shapeshifters I guess there’s Mystique, if you trust her not to kill you. A telepath could be good fun for a one-nighter, though probably a nightmare in a longer-term relationship. And one wonders what the Invisible Woman could do with those force-fields…

There’s Mercury from New X-Men.

Good one!

I’m going with Power Girl, though.


His guilt over it was definitely mentioned in the Geoff Johns JSA comic once or twice. Maybe also mentioned in the Spectre issue that introduced the new Mister Terrific, don’t recall for sure.

ooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh yess!

But I’m thinking Alien…Starfire…

Something like that. I didn’t say I was attracted to her, though. Just more attracted to her than I was her mother.

Can’t believe no one’s yet mentioned:

Wonder Woman


Emma Frost


Oh, yes, almost forgot (from my younger, kinkier days):


I don’t doubt that there’s plenty of not-safe-for-work (or for sanity) fanart of Katara out there, but most of what you’d find (especially with Safe Search) is safe. Especially given that folks who live on ice shelves don’t tend to often show much skin.

Emma Frost is largely synthetic in the good bits, and I seriously doubt Wonder Woman does casual sex. And that does not look like the Marrina I remember from the early days of Alpha Flight.

I really meant in a pre-Crisis story. But then, Jay Garrick is more rational than, say, Kal-El of Krypton, who would have insisted on de-powering himself if he’d been the murderer.

Apropos of nothing, I seem to recall the Power Girl putting the movies on Kal-El in that story, which was…odd.

Most of the posts about which women superheroes seem to be focusing on their looks, not their powers.

  • As posters have mentioned, though, it seems like Elastigirl-type powers might help a girl with her, um, cleopatra grip (link to urban dictionary).

  • Same with female heroes known for their strength and agility - one can imagine they’ve been doing their Kegel exercises…(link to Merriam Webster online)

  • But wouldn’t someone like Jean Grey, as a telepath, be able to fire off neurons in her lover’s brain as part of the whole love-making package? Think about that - jeez, she wouldn’t even have to look like Famke Janssen to fire your erogenous brain into the stratosphere.

  • Wonder Woman’s lasso could be all kinds of fun, if you’re into bondage - and, based on what I’ve read about the guy who created her and all those double-entendre drawings of her from the 40’s…she might be into that, too…

  • Could Rogue control her strength-zapping in a way that could, um, keep you going for longer than normal? Right when you are about to launch, she could zap you a bit and get you back from the edge?

  • I would imagine that if Kryptonians have super breath, they could both blow super-hard…and suck. It would make “she could suck the chrome off a trailer hitch” or “she could suck a grapefruit through a garden hose” a whole new level of meaning. Suddenly Supergirl is moving to the top of the list…

So c’mon - how can the actual powers of female superheroes be turned to advantage when it comes to knockin’ boots?

I’m picking Iron Man because he looks just like Robert Downey Jr.