Best Hero/Villain pairing?

I dunno if this is really a CS thing, or a IMHO (since it’s kinda a poll), but I’ll go for broke in CS. So who do you all think is the best hero/villain pairing in all of…whatever.

Whilst thinking of this myself I had 2 pairs that really jumped into my head: Professor X/Magneto and Batman/Joker. Now, growing up I was always a much larger fan of X-men than I was Batman. Frankly, I could care less about Batman so my answer to this is a little biased, I’m gonna go with X/Magneto.

The two not only know each other, but have a cursory and advance knowledge of one another. They almost understand where the other is coming from. They are more rivals than they are hated and sworn enemies. I think it’s this dynamic that they have that puts them over the Batman/Joker pairing.

So everyone else…Who do you think is the best?

I don’t do comics, which I think is where you find most long-term Hero/Villain rivalries, so I can’t comment there, except that you picked up about the only two I might’ve thought of on my own.

Cinematic one-shots:

John McCLane (Bruce Willis) and Hans Gruber (Alan Rickman).

Yeah my examples were comics, but like you said, that’s where you’ll find most of them.

Any hero/villian pairs work though, so the above is just fine (although explanations would be helpful)

Clarice Starling and Hannibal Lecter

Sherlock Holmes and Professor John Moriarty

Ahab and Moby Dick

Batman and Luthor are a much better match than their usual dance partners.

Mister Fantastic and Doctor Doom.

I read the title as “Best Hero/Villain piercing?”

Never mind.


Cary Grant and James Mason in North by North West.

“No Mr. Thornhill, I expect you to die”.

Jmaes Bond and Ernst Stavros Blofeld

Jim Phelps/Stefan Miklos

Ric Flair and Sting.


Roadrunner & Coyote

Dr. Venture/The Monarch

Truly, a conflict for the ages.

I nominate Batman/Catwoman for the sexual tension alone. Add in the fact that they’re much more alike than Batman will ever admit, and it’s a great dynamic.


Captain America and the Red Skull.

One is a blonde haired, blue eyed super man… the other a Nazi.
The fact that the greatest enemy to the Nazis WAS their IDEAL really does make the Cap story great. The Red Skull doesn’t even have a face, is a conniving schemer and although a competent fighter is more of stand back and let the lackeys do the work kind of guy. Cap is an inspiring leader on the front lines.

I used to have a Marvel Trading Card with Red Skull. It was a lower angled shot (looking up) and he was just standing there in his military uniform, dressed to the absolute nines (medals and everything) just looking badass. I have no idea where that card is, but I so wish I had it (or could remember more about it) because it was one of my favorite cards.