Hero vs. Villain pairings

Only saw end of the show, so was looking over the list posted on AFI’s site (http://www.afi.com/tv/handv.asp). It got me thinking about all the juicy movies that could’ve been made–

“Silence of the Mockingbirds”: Atticus Finch defends a deranged psychiatrist accused of eating his victims.

“Indiana Jones and the Motel of Doom”

“Ozzablanca”: renegade American bartender helps Dorothy return to Kansas

“Darksider”: James Bond blows up the Death Star

“It’s a Wonderful Exorcism”

Further down the list you have Woodward and Bernstein exposing the Martian cover-up, Marge Gunderson saving Minnesota from Dracula, and Lassie taking on Cruella de Vil.

Any other favorites?
Anyone care to submit screenplays for us to read?

Double Trouble Horror Picture Show: The Olsen Twins get lost on a retreat and go to a creepy looking castle owned by a transvestite alien and the wacky hijinks ensue.

Not only would I pay good money to see this, I would buy the DVD and rent the t-shirt.

Alice in the Wicker Man: Alice tumbles into a rabbit hole and into a bizarre island full of cultists

Half-Boiled: A bunch of silly potheads shoot their way into a hospital to rescue their friend from a prostate exam.

Star Trek 7: Return of the Jedi: The crew of the Enterprise get they asses handed to them by a Imperial Star Destroyer

“Rocky VI: Fatal Attraction” - Rocky Balboa has a brief fling with an attractive book editor, who begins stalking him. After she boils Adrian’s pet bunny, he goes into training, drinking raw eggs, jogging around Philadelphia, and punching slabs of beef… and then beats the crap out of her.

“Mr. Smith Goes to the Godfather” - Senator Jefferson Smith starts a committee to investigate Michael Corleone’s activities, but his star witness recants under interrogation."

“It’s a Wonderful Exorcism” - The Devil possesses George Bailey, and shows him how much better Bedford Falls would be if he’d never been born, leading George to drown himself.

“All About Eve’s Waterfront” - seductive Eve uses her wiles to work her way to the top of the longshoreman’s union, but runs afoul of a former heavyweight contender, who uses her as a punching bag.

“Shining Pride of the Yankees” - Lou Gehrig’s consecutive game record is shattered when a guy with an axe chops him down at the plate.

“12 Angry Men at Cape Fear”: Max Cady is on trial for mass murder, and it’s obvious he’s guilty. But Henry Fonda is on the jury and convinces the other 11 guys there’s reasonable doubt. Cady goes free, and slaughters Fonda’s family, as a sign of gratitude."

I, for one, would like to see John McClane Vs. The Death Star.