Lopsided "vs." movies I'd like to see

There’s an “Ash vs Freddy vs Jason” thread running and everybody’s talking about huge multi-zillion dollar epics they’d like to see.

Remember the toon, “Godzilla vs Bambi”? How about a bunch of short grossly ill-matched “vs” movies?
“King Kong vs. Garfield”
“Alien vs. Forest Gump”
“Predator vs. Mrs. Drysdale”
“Freddy vs. Romper Room”
“Lobo vs. Barney Fife”

Not my idea, but this would so be my movie:

Jaws vs. The Little Mermaid
Leatherface vs. George Bailey
Michael Myers vs. Mike Myers

Santa Claus vs the Martians oh, wait

That guy who used to be on that thing where they interviewed famous American movie stars in front of like a college audience or something which used to be on the Performance channel


My athlete’s foot

no no no no no

Micheal Myers vs. Michael Moore

That’ll be an awful lot of hacking with just a butcher knife!

why not all 3?

Mike Myers Vs Michael Myers, Vs Michael Moore

Rocky Vs. Rambo

Freddy Vs. Barney

Bender Vs. Homer (drinking contest)

Jason Vs. the Iron Chef

K.I.T.T Vs General Lee

Freddy Vs. Jason Vs. Chucky Vs. Leatherface Vs. Pinhead Vs. Frankenstein Vs. Wolfman Vs. Dracula Vs. Lestat Vs. Cyberdyne Model 101 Vs. ED-209

Oh, well, since politics is OK in Cafe Society all of a sudden …

The Demon Beast vs. President Bush

("Hey there fella, what are yuh doing with them there tentacles? You can’t put that ther… HEY!!!)

A blaxploitation version.

Shaft vs. Dolemite.

A clash of sociopaths.

Hannibal Lecter vs. Victor Vega

Pin-up queen catfight.

Bettie Page vs. Marilyn Monroe

Trek Wars

Worf versus Darth Maul
Luke Skywalker versus Ripped Shirt Kirk
Tribbles vs. Ewoks
Sulu vs. Solo
Klingons vs. the Jedi Knights
Borg Collective vs. The Death Star

Disparate fighters in their prime.

Muhammad Ali versus Bruce Lee.

Wallace Shawn in My Dinner With Andre the Giant

Moby Dick vs. Jaws

Travis Bickle vs. Jake LaMotta

Michael Bay vs. Vincent Gallo
(Tagline: Whoever wins…we lose)

Godzilla vs. the winner of Moby Dick vs. Jaws
(Someone really needs to set up a bracket for this thread.)

Terminator vs Cherry 3000

Lost in Space Robot vs Bender

The Terminator vs R2D2

Darth Vader vs Twiki (Buck Rogers)

Typhoid Mary vs Mary Poppins

The Human Torch vs the Scarecrow

Curly vs Curly Joe vs Curly Joe DeRita

Long Dong Silver vs Johnny “The Wadd” Holmes

Incredible Hulk vs Shirley Temple

Rob Zombie vs Cousin Oliver

Alice Cooper vs Alice the maid vs Alice the Goon vs the Alice who doesn’t live here anymore

NOnononononono… NO !

It should be :
Godzilla vs Barney

Godzilla AND Freddy Vs. Barney

there, better :wink:

A 50 Megaton Thermonuclear Device Vs. Barney

Barney Vs. the Ebola virus (Zaire strain)

Barney Vs. a .44 Magnum

Willy Loman vs. James Bond
Darth Vader vs. The Care Bears
An A-10 Warthog vs. The Easter Bunny

Robert Shaw (Quint in “Jaws”) vs. Robert Shaw (choir conductor).

"This is my boom stick! "Ash vs. the entire cast of MAS*H

The Man with No Name vs The Brat Pack

Cthulhu vs. Batman.