Superman and LL names

Is there any reason why there are so many LL names in Superman?

Lois Lane
Lana Lang
Lex Luthor
Lionel Luthor (Smallville)

You left out Lori Lemaris (and probably others).

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I could’ve sworn there was a post about this not too long ago, but anywhoo -

At least one reason is that Stan Lee (of Marvel comics) often created names like that (dear lord i forgot what theyre called) to help remember them, and if I remember correctly that also happened in DC comics (but not as much, i think) -

Bruce Banner
Peter Parker
Scott Summers
J. Jonah Jameson

So LL names arnt really much out of the ordinary. Plus it could also be a gag among the writers.

It wasn’t deliberate at first. Luthor was a good meanacing name for a villain, and Lois Lane can be blamed on the same alliteration fetish Dr. Sexchange noted with Stan Lee. After that I suppose it became a not-so-inside joke to give significant characters the LL hook.

Don’t forget

Lois’ sister Lucy Lane
Lyla Lerol
Linda Lee

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By the way…

Lois Lane was named “Lois” after an old classmate of Siegal and Schuster. Joe Schuster reputedly had a crush on her, and used her as the model for Lois. Years later Jerry Siegal met her again, and they married.