Supernatural 11/12/09 "The Real Ghostbusters"

Great episode.

Everything worked really well and I am so glad to see the guys get to a Supernatural convention.

Funny, well done, and all around a great episode. I liked it better than last week’s “trickster” episode.

“No, we have guns and we will find you.”

Great episode!

I laughed my ass off, but had to mute it a few times when I got uncomfortable with the horrible LARPing.

There’s a minor amount of wank in the fandom about the lack of women at their imaginary convention. You will not be surprised to know that women make up the large, large majority of attendees at real Supernatural conventions.

But in the story, Supernatural is just a book series…no Jared Padelecki or Jensen Eckles.

Did anyone else think Dean was going to tell the couple his name was “Jensen” at the end? I mean, at this point, why not?

Not a bad ep, and better than the clever but only mildly funny previous ep.

Does anyone know who played Damien, the portly fellow dressed as Dean? He looks so familiar, but I can’t place it. He’s not listed in the IMDb credits, though. Not yet, at least.

I really don’t know, but I’ll second the question as he did look familiar.

Ah, did some digging, and he was played by Devin Ratray, probably best known for his role as Buzz, the older brother in Home Alone. He still looks familiar from something more recent, though.

Edit: Okay, I’m a huge nerd for this. Re-reading his wikipage, apparently he was a contestant on Cash Cab. I only know this because they show the episode all the time, and he was wearing a weird shirt.

Got Salt?
Sometimes the little things are the best.

Ah, I remember him from the Home Alone movies. Thanks!

How did you dig that up?

I found it on some other site that had the full cast up, and then looked at his IMDb and Wiki pages.

Heh. That’s the very first thing I noticed, because I know that the “serious” fans are overwhelmingly female. I’m a girl too, but some of the chicks in the fandom are kind of scary.

Some of them???

I just want to say that I’ve only just discovered this series this season, and I’m pretty annoyed that nobody had told me how great it is

We tried, we really did.

Have you gone back and watched previous seasons?

Watch Mystery Spot, if you get a chance. It’s hilarious.

After posting last night, I thought about it a bit, and just want to add this bit of information: in pretty much every fandom, not just fandoms for TV shows with pretty boys, the large, large majority of fans (and by this I don’t mean casual viewers who enjoy a show/book/movie/video game/whatever, but more obsessive types who are involved in fandom culture, which has developed into its own internet subculture, with its own slang and abbreviations and inside jokes) are women. A lot of fandomy things are sexual in nature, and I’ve seen a number of women in fandom express their gratitude to fandom for giving them a safe and female-dominated space to express and explore their own desires.

So it’s not too terribly surprising that some women are upset with *Supernatural *for leaving them out of a fictional scenario in which, in real life, women figure so prominently. Especially because the show has piqued the ire of feminist fen for a number of reasons over the years anyway, so it just seems like another example of SPN gender!fail (as fen would express it).

FTR, I don’t take it that seriously. There should have been more women, yeah, but I’m not butthurt over it, and I thought the episode was awesome and hilarious.

Am I allowed to be surprised that there are real Supernatural conventions? I had no idea.

You are allowed to be surprised. There’s one this weekend, btw, in Chicago. Sadly, Becky’s behavior is pretty much based on the real life behavior of actual convention-goers. (AFAICT. I’ve never actually been to a con, nor do I have any desire to go to one, but I have heard some really cringe-worthy anecdotes, though.)

Who are you and I scaring?