Supernatural 5/18: Survival of the Fittest

Season finale!

Our gang battles Dick Roman. Deaths ensue.

Here we go.

“How important is lipstick to you, really?”

Well I really enjoyed it. I had complained about Dean’s attitude regarding Bobby but I now see his original point. Very sad either way, though.

Ive enjoyed simple minded Twinkles Castiel, but I like him more when he’s full of angelic rage and power. Is he back?

I cheered when the Impala flew in!

Poor Dean. Poor poor Dean.

Yay the Impala! Oh…

Meh, I’m fine with this. They really don’t need a huge finale every year when it is obvious they are coming back.

Seriously, though, Dick Roman did die quite easy.

Do you think they need a cat?

The house does seem short a species.

Meh. Felt kind of thrown together.

I did like the Castiel scenes. Naked and covered in bees!

What does Crowley need with a prophet? For that matter, why was Dick bothering with him? His only purpose was to tell Sam and Dean how to make the magic bloody bone knife. Once he did that his usefulness to anyone else was nil.

For that matter, why did God bother with putting the leviathans in purgatory when he could just undo them?

And since everything in purgatory is already dead, what happens if you “die” there?

Maybe Crowley has some god-writings that need translated.

A bit underwhelming. OTOH, I like that Crowley is being set up as the Big Bad for Season 8. He’s a great character.

I enjoyed it, but I don’t buy this “Without their leader they’re no real threat” crap. They’re pretty much unkillable, and Dick’s second-in-command doesn’t strike me as a guy who’ll be lost and directionless without a boss.

As far as I can tell, the only friggin’ thing God is good for is bringing dead things back.

If Castiel can pull Dean out of Hell, why can’t he pull him out of Purgatory?

Loved that the bing commercials publicized Misha’s Random Acts. :slight_smile:

I can’t imagine how alone both Dean and Sam must feel now.

Well, I think this is the third time one of them has been trapped in the afterlife, so they should be okay.

Fourth, if we count Sam’s death at the end of season 2. 837th if we count Mystery Spot.

I would give damned near everything to be just one of those bees.

Yup, Crowley and the ubervamp seem to have been set up as the big bads for next season. But, yawn. They seem to be treading water. I’d like to see them confront God directly, or the issue of why God set up such a stupid universe. So far the show has been designed with somewhat of a pessimistic worldview. I’d like to see them address this as a kind of error of sorts in the way the boys were brought up, and lead them to a more optimistic worldview involving other supernatural mythologies such as buddhism. Xena and Hercules did this to mostly good effect already.

See above.

I was thinking the same thing.

I missed that…

Me, too.

I know a lot of angels were wiped out over the last few seasons, but are all the archangels gone too? I thought prophets were supposed to be protected by archangels and just putting them in a room with a demon lead to very bad things.

Or was that only because Chuck was really more than just a prophet?
Poor Bobby, hope he’s up hanging out with Ellen and the gang at the big bar in the sky.
So… if all those Leviathans touched the arm and became Dicks… does that make them the Dick Army?
Shame that the big Dick had to go and explode all over Dean and Cas… Okay, I’m outta lame dick puns now.
Funny, for being such an evil bitch in the earlier seasons, Meg’s really growing on me. Hope she’s back next year. It’s not like she hasn’t been sent back to Hell and returned before.

You and me both, baby. I don’t know what I’m going to do for man-candy when this show is over.

Do I have the wrong show, or did someone in this episode say, “See you next season?” (Crowley, I think.)

AFAIK, there were just four archangels: Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Satan. Michael and Satan are in the box, Gabriel is dead at Satan’s hand and Raphael was taken out by Castiel last season.

The angels really are at reduced strength these days following the war and Cass’s purge. That’s probably why Cass won’t be able to rescue Dean from Purgatory the same way he did from Hell - remember, he didn’t do the latter alone, but rather “laid siege on Hell” with the hosts of Heaven. The Hosts of Heaven barely exist these days, and none of them will follow Cass’s lead.