Anyone catch this show on TDC tonight? If you’re in the Eastern time zone, it should still be on. Very interesting stuff on this show. Talks about all the neat little things animals do, their extra censory abilities, and all that. If you get a chance to see it, definately do. It will be worth your time.

“extra censory”?
I’ve seen them do all kinds of stuff on TV that humans couldn’t get away with.

JMcC, San Francisco
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Hey, I didn’t gradudate HS yet. (that damn North Carolina learnin’!)

Is that the one with fire ants eating away the electronics? I saw the end of that.

I was going to post this in the pit, but I’ll go ahead and answer here.

I heard about this show and set aside time to watch it. I knew I was going to be disappointed when the first paragraph in the program tells us that “maybe these birds have discovered the secrets of the Bermuda Triangle.”

Why should a nature show have to resort to Bermuda Triangle references?

Why did they feel the need to constantly mention ‘secret powers’ and ‘hidden forces’?

The biological world is amazing enough in its own right. It doesn’t have to be sold through hyperbole. Secret powers indeed.

More complaints:

–as far as I could tell, most of the nature footage was computer-generated! A nature show with fake animals! I don’t remember ever seeing National Geographic using pretend footage for their specials.

–MTV-style visuals. Quick cuts, rapid-fire editing. I hate this!

–Every 10 minutes or so, a plug for the Discovery Website with rediculous click options: “Pick the best animal athletes” and “Choose the strangest animal parents.” WTF?

I am a biologist by education and profession. I also take issue with some of the claims made on the program, but I’ll not go into those here. Suffice it to say that the presentation itself has lowered my opinion of the Discovery Channel to sub-zero levels.

I have most of the same problems with that show that divemaster has, but I would like to add this little nugget: they aren’t “extrasensory capabilities.” They are senses that the animals have that humans don’t!

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Taking this to the pit…

I think it’s cool that bees can see UV.

All that crap pissed me off, too. But I really liked when the shuttle lifted off (another editing trick, of course) and the croc got all “Hey, I’m gonna kick your ass!”. The fish that live out of water for 4 years, the ants that are attracted to electronics, and the elephant fish that communicate electronically, those were all kinda cool.

Yes, Divemaster, the show itself was annoying, and I absolutely HATE the little DiscoveryOnline click thingie at the bottom of the screen, but some of the content was pretty cool.