Superstitions About Civic Addresses

if that’s what I can call it …

Years back, I was moving into a new apartment. My friend, who was helping me get some boxes in, noticed my civic address.

:eek: < “2425? If my mother saw that, she’d have you cancel the lease.”

I think at the time she added them up. Nine. Nine is very bad. “Nothing but misery, loneliness, and bad health”, she said. “Yeah yeah,” I said, “Life’s what you make it.” Well it turned out that I was so miserable in that place that I cancelled the lease less than a month later. [The landlady was psycho and thought I was her daughter… Gave me shit for not calling her on Mother’s Day… Left some weird clown in a box at my door… You get the idea.]

Though I did think back to my friend’s comments, they obviously didn’t hold much water with me. I signed a new lease for an apartment with the exact same civic address. In the next two years, I herniated 3 disks in my back, my fiance left me. I was housebound, broke and miserable. I didn’t think back to the advice my friend had given me years ago, but a voice in the very core of me said, “If I don’t move from this apartment, I will die. Literally die.”

I stupidly signed a lease in a new apartment, for $60 more a month (even though I was broke). Smartest thing I’ve ever done in my life. In the meantime, I was studying with a Feng Shui master. Well that’s a whole other discussion. But while I was making plans to move from 2425 to 2420, she said to me: “2425, apartment 5? OMG you must be miserable in that place! Two’s and Five’s!” I said, “Well I’m moving to 2420, apartment 4. Is that better?” She said, “Well, you still have the two’s, but thankfully, four’s are REALLY good, so it’ll probably balance it out.”

The same voice that was telling me I had to move was also telling me that this new place was temporary. To the point that I didn’t unpack boxes under the bathroom sink cabinet until I had a guest stay with me for over a month, this past summer ~ so I kinda had to.

Well that guest is my now fiancé. And I’m moving once again! To Australia. My life is better than it’s ever been before. It’s truly a dream. My friends are in awe of all the luck I’ve had.

So now, it’s got me wondering… What would they say about the new place we’ve gotten? 83 apartment 18!

Anyone know about this superstition my friend’s mom had?