How many of you still believe/hold on to/perpetuate “superstitions”? Say, when you spill salt, you throw it over your left shoulder. Or say, the whole avoiding black cats and broken mirrors and things to this nature.
Personally, I still knock on wood every time I speculate negatively about the future. I’ve been doing that since the 5th grade when the one time I actually tempted fate and “mocked” the whole knocking on wood thing. Let’s just say the very next day I broke my first bone. :wink:

Although I am not sure this is a superstition per say, I also have to close every door in my bedroom before I go to sleep, or else I get very vivid nightmares and a feeling something is watching me as I sleep.

It tends to make me think that on some basic level, superstitions are in place for a reason, and that maybe they shouldn’t be taken as “lightly” as a lot of times they are. I’m just curious on your opinions on the matter.

What makes you think your actions the day before had anything to do with you breaking a bone? Hasn’t it dawned on you that it was just a coincidence? Why haven’t any bad things happened to me yet? I’ve been mocking superstitions for years.

That sounds like it would be pretty hard to live with. Have you ever considered talking to someone about that?

Why would that be hard to live with? I don’t know many bedrooms that have more than two doors in them. And usually it’s quite simple to close them before going to bed. I’m really not getting the inconvenience, here.
(In the interests of full disclosure, I very much prefer to sleep with my bedroom door shut.)

I have one; AFAIK it is unique to me. At least, I have never run across anyone else who practices it or has even heard of it.

I pick up all money that I find, even pennies. I’m afraid that if I don’t, the Universe will think that I believe I am wealthy enough and stop sending me money.

I definitely do go along with some superstitions, but not due to some belief in them. It sounds a bit dumb said out loud, but I just don’t want to ‘tempt fate’ as I don’t really want/need any more bad things to happen to me.
If i spill salt, I immediately throw some of it over BOTH shoulders, just in case I’m wrong about it being the left you’re supposed to throw it over.
I will try my hardest to get around, instead of walking under, a ladder.
And I really dislike just seeing one magpie.
That being said, Since midnight at new year, I have been responsible for the breaking of no less than 5 mirrors (all accidents)!! hmmmm… maybe that’s why this year has been not so great. God, can you imagine if its true? 7 years bad luck times 5? Would it be worth carrying on?

Closing your bedroom door before you go to bed could very well save your life. It’ll give you quite a few extra minutes to escape should a fire start elsewhere in the house.

I almost feel better if I think the horrible, unthinkable thing: “oh my god, she’s late! She’s dead in a fiery car wreck. Do I have clothes for a funeral?”

Because, of course, only the unexpected horrible thing will happen. If I think it’s going to, it won’t.

Perhaps not a superstition, per se - but the way my mind works.

I knock on wood.

That’s about the only one I do, though I’m nervous about things under the bed, in my closet and Bloody Mary still.

I tap my dashboard 3 times when going under a yellow light.

I only pick up money on the ground if it’s face-up. Face-down is bad luck if you pick it up.

Nope. If I notice myself doing something like that, I consciously make myself stop.

Superstitions are bad luck.

If you put it in your shoe, and walk around with it for a day it becomes good luck money, per my mom.

I do this too, for the exact same reason. Then I give the money away the first chance I get.

I don’t think I do. I seek out black cats, even had one for 15 years (or so), I’ll walk under a ladder, I don’t knock on wood, when I make a sacrifice to the old gods I don’t worry if the critter I’m sacrificing is “bad luck”.
I do avoid soldiers of the Catholic Church on October 13th, but I do that even when it doesn’t fall on a Friday.

Wait - when I draw a circle for rituals I never go widdershins.

Always replace the toilet paper roll if you’re the one who ran it out. Otherwise you’ll find yourself stranded somewhere where there is no toilet paper and you need it really badly.

Okay, I made that up. I hope it spreads, though, 'cause I’m tired of walking in and seeing an empty roll.

Same thing with taking the last of the ice and not refilling the tray - - - you’ll burn yourself within a day. Pass it around, please.

Yes, but it depends to the extent i’m stuck in my head. Same thing for my OCD behaviours, which is why I think the two things are pretty connected.

I do the salt thing. Just because if there WAS a devil, it’d be pretty funny for him to get smacked by how clumsy I am on a regular basis. “Aaahh, she spilled salt again… my EYE!”

Hey no kidding? I kiss my finger where it bends in half on my right hand pointer finger and knock it on the roof of the car when I go through the yellow lights. I have absolutely no idea why.

I hold my breath past graveyards too.

Oooh - I do that too. Picked it up from somebody, and now it’s mine. It’s really silly when someone else is in the car with me, and I then have to explain.

I do that because I’m cheap, not because I’m superstitious! :smiley:

But I will admit to flipping any penny I find face-down, to “neutralize” the bad luck.

It very may well have been a coincidence. But, the way I see it is that what does it hurt to pay homage to some older traditions? I’m not losing anything in the process, and, if by chance they do hold some weight in some way, I’m actually doing myself a favor. All this being said, I honestly believe that superstitions only hold as much “power” as you out into them yourself.

That’s exactly the point I was trying to make. It’s not necessarily that I “believe” in the superstitions, it’s just bad juju, in my mind, to tempt fate.

Kudos on the coin thing, I’ve been doing it so long, that I even forgot that I do it. :slight_smile: