Suppose I had a pseudonym

…And I were to do some writing under that pseudonym and get paid for it. How would I deposit the check? Would I have to open a seperate bank account for my new name? If so, how?

I believe that most pseudonymous authors are just published under their penname; their editors know their real name and make the checks out accordingly. But I suppose it would be possible to be completely anonymous. You could incorporate yourself, open a business account, and have your editor make payments to that.

Writing something and having it published under a pseudonym is an act that might have a number of reasons, but none of the conceivable reasons requires the author to actually pass off with the pseudonym as his/her real name.

And a check written out to a psudonym will be worthless, because of lack of proper identification.

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The answer is simple. At the top left of the manuscript, you use the name you want them to make the check out to (as well as the address). Space down to about halfway down the page. Type the title. Then on the next line, type the pseudonym.

Nothing else has to be done. Editors will automatically write the check to the name in the upper left, and will automatically byline the story to the name below the title.

Now, if you don’t want the editor to know your real name, all you have to do is set up a bank account under the pseudonym. Use your own social security number and the bank will be willing to set it up (with a little explanation). In my experience, as long as they have an SSN to keep the IRS happy, they don’t pay much attention to the name. At worst, they may ask you to put your real name on the account, too.

If you don’t want the bank to know, either, it gets trickier. Still, it’s possible that you can just endorse your check with the pseudonym and then write your real name. You wouldn’t be allowed to cash it, but you probably could find a bank willing to let you deposit it.

Or you could try to convince them to write the check out to “Cash”.

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Couldn’t you also set something up with a lawyer? The checks are made out to the lawyer, the lawyer cashes them and sends you another check, and also reports the transaction to the government to keep everything clean. This way only the lawyer knows who you really are.

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