Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade (No longer a draft as of 06-24-2022.)

You don’t say.

Yes. As soon as she heard the news of this leak, my wife said “damn you, Bernie Bros!”.

(I’m not here to rehash that argument about WHY Clinton lost. It was a mix of reasons.)

They’re not real Americans.

Not all Bernie Bros. Back in 2012, 2013, I was really trying to get my older teenaged foster kid engaged in politics and he was just apathetic. Then along came Bernie, and he became fully energized.
Then Bernie lost. I wondered how he would take it, but only for a few minutes because his social media post came right away. This is a disappointment but we must continue the fight, etc and it was tagged #ImWithHer.
I know this is anecdotal, but I’m not convinced the Bernie Bros were a drag on Hillary. I know some of them became whiny little bitches and people on the other side amplified those voices, but I think he engaged a lot of political apathetic young people who stayed engaged.

I am hoping this will provide some midterm energy, especially among young people. I think it will resonate with every woman whose ever had a pregnancy scare, and every man whose girlfriend or wife has had one.

I’ll confess that this turn of events does have me a little tweaked at that segment of young progressives who are convinced that both sides are the same, and who dismiss the power of slow incremental change. Because things have changed a LOT since I was young. I think a lot of the gains made by my generation are going to be lost, in part because some people that are ostensibly on my side took them for granted and didn’t understand the need to protect them.

Yeah, yeah, I’m mad at the Republicans, too. I understand it’s mostly their fault. But they are the opposition, doing what enemies do. It’s the difference between getting shot by an enemy soldier and getting shot by the soldier on your side. One is way worse than the other.

This conspiracy theory has no attachment to reality. If GOP congresspeople have this document, it’s already been leaked.

I started a companion thread to discuss this issue

But yeah, the people who had access are the supreme court justices, their aides, and various supreme court staff who have physical access to the building.

Then that person should have got a job at a news medium. Not at the Supreme Court.

Which I suppose were just regular technically-open meetings of the sort that they just don’t publicize because it’s convenient to them, so good for you. But not the same thing.

Sure, but who’s going to do the sweeping? Certainly not the same (in practice) bunch that made the ruling in the first place.

Early May vs. late June to early July…So, close to two months. I am a bit confused as to why you think this extra two months is irrelevant for voter memories but relevant for time to organize.

Just to add one more thing to what DrDeth said in response: I think there has been an enthusiasm gap in regards to abortion. Anti-abortion voters have been very motivated to elect Republicans, often having this be their primary or only issue determining who they vote for and also why they turn out to vote. I don’t think that has been as true for pro-choice voters. There has certainly been a lot of attempt to warn them of the dangers of the clock being set back to a previous time, but up until now that hasn’t seemed to have been a major motivator. Whether that changes now remains to be seen.

I wonder what they are saying today. IIRC, when telling those folks that look at how different the sides are on abortion, gay rights, etc., there was this response that the power brokers in the GOP are just pandering and there is no way they’d actually end abortion. Well, we stand on the precipice of it happening.

I am an old liberal but I really don’t care much about abortion. People running around with coat hangers are just as bad as the anti abortion nuts with fake fetuses. I’m a guy and against abortion but it should be legal.

Have the hanger-people killed many doctors? No? Then they’re not “just as bad.”

Ha ha ha ha…

No, really - while many or even most Republicans today may not want to overturn Loving v. Virginia or think about it much there exists a contingent within the party who very much want to ban such marriages. In addition to the links provided by @madmonk28 in post #262 about Senator Mike Braun of Indiana I am acquainted with probably a half-dozen people in Lake (the most liberal/Blue Indiana county) and Porter counties who are very much opposed to “race mixing” and want it outlawed with steep penalties for all parties involved.

There may be fewer of these people than in the past but they very much exist.

For extremists “states’ rights” means “we get to do this in our little fiefdom”.

Later this year Out of 9 justices 2 are in interracial marriages. Thomas and Jackson. A liberal and a conservative. Also recently every justice was jewish or catholic. That’s not true now.

I don’t think two months or so makes much difference in the impact a major event has on voters’ emotions, but it’s a significant amount of time when organizing a protest movement.

I think it’s already changing, considering the protests in front of the Supreme Court and the blaring headlines all over. The “enthusiasm gap” I think was partly due to complacency due to misplaced faith in the weight of stare decisis and the supposed stability of settled law, and a misplaced faith in the supposed wisdom and compassion of the Supreme Court, which now stands revealed as a blatantly activist tool of the far right.

Nothing would please me more than a blue wave in November, but I’m getting cynical and bleak these days. Still, would be elated to be proven wrong.

This will have almost zero effect in November. Inflation is what’s going to drive the vote. Unless inflation and gas prices come down, Dems are fucked

I concur. The Dems have become so hopelessly inept at campaigning that they’ll likely fail to use this to their advantage. I wouldn’t even be surprised if they find a way to shoot themselves in the foot over it.

I think there are many, many years of failures by the Democrats to allow it to get to this point and that it’s pointless to point at “voters who didn’t vote Clinton in 2016”, for example, as being the reason. You could point at Ginsburg refusing to retire. Or at the years of losses at the state and local level as the Democrats focused more and more on federal offices. Or the continual acquiescence to the Hyde amendment in practically every piece of legislation. Or a refusal to codify any the in the last five decades. But I’m not sure that this is the right place for that discussion.

Similarly, I find it somewhat darkly funny that in the last two days everything I’ve seen online, in the media, and so on is back to using the word “women”. Terms like birthing person, chest feeder, people who menstruate, and so on haven’t popped up once. I haven’t seen a piece on what the danger this decision is to pregnant men (and it is a danger to them). Suddenly all the non-binary, transgender, and other language is gone from the discourse. This isn’t meant to be a claim of hypocrisy, but just a comment on how it seems to me that all of the sudden the language used has changed. Again, probably not really quite the right thread for this discussion either.