Supreme Court has overturned Roe v. Wade (No longer a draft as of 06-24-2022.)

That’s what I mean, Alito’s quotes paint him as a dangerous unhinged nutjob. I can’t believe this is who we have deciding what the law of the land in our nation is. Republicans weren’t kidding about implementing Sharia Law…

If you want to know just how grotesque Alito’s citations of Hale really are, check out this twitter thread. Long, but extremely illuminating.

I’m no expert, but they’ve been making political decisions for years.

ETA: This is from the exact same source as the data cited above, which was apparently from 2016.


It’s worse than you think. The leaked decision has Alito saying he has a problem with any unenumerated right. That puts more than Roe in his crosshairs:

  • The right to interracial marriage (Loving v. Virginia),
  • The right to obtain contraceptives (Griswold v. Connecticut)
  • The right to engage in private, consensual sexual acts (Lawrence v. Texas)
  • The right to same-sex marriage (Obergefell v. Hodges).

We’d be fools to think they really are only after Roe.

Alito’s draft argues that rights protected by the Constitution but not explicitly mentioned in it — so-called unenumerated rights — must be strongly rooted in U.S. history and tradition. That form of analysis seems at odds with several of the court’s recent decisions, including many of its rulings backing gay rights. SOURCE

IIRC Ex Post Facto laws only apply to criminal laws. So, they could wipe out all the above.

It’s hard to imagine a more decisive political topic.

I remember the Roe v Wade decision. There was mild protest but it took several years for the right to life movement to gain support.

Reversing it today is basically lobbing a grenade into American politics. It’s going to be fought in 50 state legislators.

Conservatives tried to overthrow the government on January 6, 2021. Do you think they gave up?

I do not think it is hyperbole to say the US is facing a crisis. One that can very much change the fundamentals of the country.

Here is what is already happening:

No need for under another name - well-heeled women simply went to a state where they were legal. I think I’ve related this story but I’ll tell it again - I know a woman who lived in Michigan pre-Roe and found herself pregnant when she didn’t want another child. She took a bus trip to New York to get an abortion. She wasn’t even rich, “just” working class/middle class. It wasn’t talked about much, but it certainly did happen with some frequency.

Louisiana wants to charge women with murder for using an IUD and emergency contraception. It is unreal. There is no low for the Republican party. But I will best anything you will NEVER see a law that punishes a man for using any kind of birth control. I honestly cannot understand how anybody could vote for a political party so vile and evil anymore? What can they possibly be offering that would allow someone to support this, unless they actually support this?

I want to see the day when they charge a man with 1,000,000 counts of murder for masturbating

I’m not sure I will phrase this question correctly, and if I give off the wrong vibe I’ll ask forgiveness in advance:

Something I think about is this: Is there any other case where US law forces a person (especially if it were a man) to do a certain thing with his body? I’m struggling to come up with something that illustrates what I’m asking, but something like having a tumor removed (or NOT having a tumor removed), or forcing a man to impregnate his wife- anything that would be even remotely analogous to forcing a woman to give birth?

And, while this part probably isn’t answerable unless it went before the court, if a state passed a law (say) that a man (or a woman) MUST do something specific with his body (donate a kidney?) would that necessarily be unconstitutional?

I know the question as written is ham-fisted, but I hope you get what I’m trying to ask. Surely if there’s nothing else even remotely similar to forcing a woman to have a baby that’s got to count for something?

The draft.

Way back when, Patrick Henry, the Give me liberty or give me death guy, refused to participate in the debate for the Constitution, especially the Bill of Rights. He was afraid, he said, that future citizens would come to believe those were the only rights they had.

Someone needs to remind Alito of that.

^^^^ WARNING: Poe’s law trigger ^^^^

Same charges for having sex, if the woman doesn’t get pregnant. If she DOES, 999,999 counts of murder still apply.

There are people who really would like to see that.

^THIS needs to be stressed!

I assume Alito - and the majority - feel the same about - say - the personhood of corporations? :roll_eyes:

“Strict construction” is such bullshit!

So if GE closes a division, is that murder?

:wink: Or at least self mutilation!