Suprise Strawberry

Not a euphemism, a literal surprise strawberry.

I’ve been eagerly watching my raspberry patch all spring as they turned from flowers to specks to white blobs, to pink blobs.
Finally this morning when I went outside for a morning smoke , I noticed the tell tale crimson of a ripe raspberry. I picked it and took just a moment to reflect before savoring the first homegrown berry of the season. Then I noticed a stupid ant was trying to beat me to the first raspberry of the season. Angrily I blew it off, a bit too angrily apparently, as the berry blew out of my hand into the patch.
Unwilling to give up on the first berry, I looked through the patch until I saw a spot of red and grabbed it.

To my surprise it was not my raspberry, but a perfectly ripe strawberry. So I picked it and ate it, it more than made up for the raspberry of which there will be many more. Buy being here for two years I had no idea there were strawberry plants there. I’m guess it was once half raspberry and half strawberry patch, but as raspberries tend to, they needed more lebensraum and invaded the Strawberrienland.

Now I know what that bastard possum is doing in my yard before the raspberries are ripe sometimes when I go out for my morning smoke, He’s stealing strawberries. :mad:

Yikes! Possums!

My cherries are coming red now! I have them netted against critters.

And the blackberries are setting tons of berries now too, though they won’t be black for awhile yet.

I would adore a surprise strawberry, great story! Enjoy berry season!

A friend of mine had a strawberry plant on his deck one year. He watched the first strawberry grow from flower to green fuzzy dot to a huge, gorgeous red fruit. He decided that one more day on the vine would make this beautiful berry just perfect.

The next day, he walked out to the deck to pick it…and locked eyes with a squirrel who looked straight at him, took a big bite from the berry, twitched its tail…and then ran away. :smiley: