Surgery to make one taller

I searched but couldn’t find the original article. IIRC, someone asked if there were a surgery to make oneself taller. Cecil said that there was but it wouldn’t be used just to make someone a little taller.

Times have changed and now “for the price of a Tesla”, you can add 3 inches to your height. Link to GQ article.

On the other hand you can just purchase elevator shoes for me or high heels for women.

I just make my tall friends stand in a ditch.

There’s a place near Mount Corydallos where you can get it done cheap.

Without looking at the link, it seems like a terrible idea. There are less invasive ways of adding height, it is usually unnecessary (and in extreme cases, there are probably advantages to channeling Tyrion Lannister. This is meant in the kindest possible way.)

The patient in the article went from 5’9 to 6’. I’m sure that it will build his self esteem some but the risks are crazy.


What’s wrong with Barney’s method?

I only have short friends.

The new feature of this procedure is remote control of the lengthening screws on inserted in the bone. I don’t know how they did previously.

The youngest kid in the house had to adjust the dials in the patient’s knees manually.

Surgical addition of wonderful Slinky™. Added height may vary.

Well there you are then. Problem solved!

I played Miss John the Baptist in a trench.

Growth hormone therapy for teenagers is a fairly common thing in some places. No one knows the long term side effects but they’ve been doing it in Korea for a generation at least.