Surgical castration and failure

Out of curiosity–can a man’s surgical castration fail after 2+ successful semen analyses are done (such as due to say, testicular regeneration)? Completely serious question, for the record.

Also, as a side question, if this is possible, then can this man sue the doctor who performed his surgical castration for 18+ years of child support payments afterwards and win?

Any thoughts on this?

Do you expect the answer to the second question to be any different than the other times you’ve asked it?

In all seriousness, and meaning no insult, have you talked to a professional about your phobia of fathering children? Your fixation on this goes well beyond normal anxiety.


Yes it can fail.

No you can’t sue.


I can’t believe you had the balls to post this stuff again.

If he gets his way, he won’t have them much longer.

The answer is the same as when you asked this question in GD: Should doctors who perform sterilizations be forced to pay pregnancy, childbirth, and/or childcare?

Do you seriously think that “testicular regeneration” is possible? People aren’t starfish.

Suppose you accidentally inject your scrotum with stem cells?

As in, “I thought it was heroin I was injecting into my scrotum, but oops! stem cells.”?

Or “I was running down the hallway with this needle full of stem cells and tripped over the cat and accidentally injected them into my scrotum”?

Or “So I was trying to inject stem cells into bobby’s scrotum, but instead injected them into MY scrotum accidentally”?

Anything is possible, if you define possible as “infinite monkeys and infinite typewriters will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare.”

No. Because no doctor will perform surgery on you unless you sign an informed consent form that says you understand that no one can predict “infinite monkeys and infinite typewriters will eventually produce the works of Shakespeare” type scenarios.

Plenty, but this is GQ.

Get a blog, man.

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