Surgical staples, piercing, reddened skin

I’m sure there’s some obvious answer to this, but for the life of me, I can’t figure it:

When I had surgery earlier this year, I had a number of staples which had to be removed about 10 days later. The skin was starting to redden from their presence, though they would have had to come out anyway.  
 Much later, I started thinking about all the piercings people get.  What keeps the tissue from getting really red and then totally rejecting these foreign objects?

IANAP, but I’ve got some aftermarket holes in me, and I had a couple dozen staples one time as a result of chest surgery.

For one, when pierced by a professional (as opposed to a teenager with a gun at the mall), the hole they make is a little larger than the piece of jewelry they put through it. This gives the skin a chance to heal without sealing to the jewelry or closing down too tightly.

For another, there is a care and cleaning regimen that goes far beyond what one does with temporary staples in place. Salt water rinses, careful cleaning away of scabs and grime with a cue tip, that sort of thing.

Third, some people still have problems with their bodies rejecting a piercing, especially in places like the eyebrows, where the hole is just essentially through a pinch of skin.

Gotcha. Thank you for clearing this up.

You’re welcome. There could well be more to the answer that I am overlooking, but I think these are the main reasons.

Yup. My sister had an eyebrow piercing, and it “grew” right out, without even leaving a scar. It’s pretty common with eyebrow piercings, and other surface piercings.

It’s not as common with things like ear or nose piercings, but it can happen.

My piercing rejected. I removed it right before it came completely through the skin. It was cool though to watch it over time as it moved closer to the surface.

I had the piercing done again, in a slightly different position. I’ve had it now for almost a year and there’s no sign of rejection.

At no point did my skin get red.

But, when my cousin’s cheek piercing started to reject, it did turn red. I had assumed it was infected. Her lip piercings also caused the skin to get very very red - looking like a bad infection. After a while though, the redness went away and she still has the piercings. I don’t know if the redness was actually an infection.