SURPRISE! It's bin Ladin!

Well, here it is, folks. You’ve been waiting for it:

I think there may already be a topic about this. I’m not sure.

Anyway, can’t say I’m surprised.

Why is Osama still alive?
He’s lookin good!



Well. I guess t’s pretty clear whom we should vote for now. Kerry couldn’t have gotten a better backhanded endorsement if he’d paid fnord it himself.

Since I’m a lazy bastard, could you go ahead and post the part where he gives an “endorsement” to Kerry?

In George Bush’s universe, millions can’t get health care, except for Osama, who’s tanned, healed, and well rested, and still out there. Advantage? Kerry.

If this was a cop movie, this would be the point in the script where the chief called the detective into his office:

Chief: George, we’ve got to talk. I know you’ve been looking hard for the Mad Bomber, but I’ve been getting pressure from downtown. They say you let taking down the Saddam operation get too personal and it’s affecting everything you do.
George: Of course it’s personal. You know what that bastard Saddam did to my Dad back when he was on the force. From the day I became a cop I’ve sworn I was going to take him down.
Chief: George, we’ll be lucky to make the Saddam case. His lawyers have been all over the press, claiming you broke every rule in the book to arrest him and planted the evidence. The IG’s office has been asking a lot of questions.
George: Dammit Chief, a good cop’s got to follow his instincts. I know there’s a connection between Saddam’s outfit and the Mad Bomber. And when I find it I’ll blow this case wide open.
Chief: I’m sorry George, but since we got this new videotape from the Mad Bomber, I have no choice. I’m taking you and Cheney off the case and putting Kerry and Edwards on it.
George: Not those two rookies! Chief, you can’t do it! Just give me one more chance - if I haven’t solved this case and put the bin Laden behind bars within 35,232 hours, you can take me off the case and give it to someone else.

And if this was real life, it’d be the point where George gets fired for gross incompetence and another cop is put on the case.

But we’re living in the world of GOP election-year shenanagans, which means odds are good we’ll get to watch George W. Fife fumble around for another four years…

Great Story Nemo ! You just forgot the part where the rogue cop says:

“We don’t want the Feds (U.N.) taking this case from us… we’re going in ourselves and without a warrant !” :smiley:

What would Jim Chee do?

What would Brian Boitano do?

:smiley: OK, you got me. On the surface it looks like BinLaden is merely discrediting Bush to the people of Earth, and that he thinks we need a different president (Kerry is the only viable alternative at this point, ergo endorsement), Kerry.

But he knows we don’t trust him, and he’s counting on us picking up on this subtle endorsement of Kerry, so we clearly can not pick Kerry.

But he’s a terrorist. And terrorists are used to thinking several levels into the opposition, which means that he would know we suspected such a counterintuitively subtle endorsement of Bush, so we clearly can not pick Bush…!

Holy crap!, that means that Osama is a… *Sicilian??? :eek:

Back on topic, I guess ObL is doing what he does best stirring the pot, spreading chaos and confusion among it´s targets population; this is terrorism on a different level than flying planes into buildings.

At least when compared with Arafat!