Surprise meatball ingredient

I sometimes shop at a local Asian grocery store, and picked up some frozen meatballs a few weeks ago. I decided to prepare them this evening, and when I looked at the package to see what the spices were, I noticed that ingredient #3 was “Beef Tendons”. No big deal to me - I’m sure I’ve eaten them many times in sausage, hot dogs, etc. without knowing it - but in this case, the meatballs were very hard and almost crunchy. :eek:

I won’t throw them away, but I don’t think I’ll buy them again. I didn’t care for the texture.

How did you use the meatballs? Beef tendon takes a long time to cook until tender, which is why its usually used in Asian cooking for soups, such as pho. Meatballs in Asian cuisines such as Chinese and Vietnamese are usually put in soup and simmered for long time.

You could put them in the crock pot with some marinara or BBQ sauce. Leave for a few hours, and they’ll be great.

When I get phở đặc biệt, I save the tendons for last. I always save the best for last. They melt in my mouth.

The package said they were fully cooked. I prepared them with egg noodles and some crushed tomatoes with basil.

Guess I did the wrong thing.

Update: Turns out I was in the early stages of a bladder infection AND a sinus infection. :rolleyes: I’m glad they were caught early on.

The leftovers tasted much better today.

I like beef tendon in general, but I dislike Chinese beef balls due to their unpleasantly firm rubbery texture.