Surprise! The South's reputation hijacked by its own people...again!

You know, the other night in chat, I got all over racinchikki’s ass because she was a bit insulting and dismissive of my beloved South. Perfectly understandable, given her situation. Suddenly transplanted to Mississippi from New York, she’s had to adapt quickly.

I would like to apologize for my temper.

As it turns out, we don’t need a Yankee to make us look bad…we’re capable of doing it all by ourselves.

Take a look at the picture gallery on the page. It’s a regular fucking laff riot.

In short, since the website sometimes loads slowly, some fucking cretinous frat boys from an all-white fraternity decided it might be fun on Halloween to dress up in blackface, “afro” wigs, and black fraternity T-shirts. But it doesn’t end there. Oh, no. These future Southern governors also dressed up in a wide variety of different extremely racist themes…KKK members, Confederate soldiers, etc. and, get this, held a mock lynching of a frat dude in blackface.

That’s right. In case your 21st century cultural filters wouldn’t allow your brain to register that one, let me repeat:

They fucking dressed up some anencephalic jerkoff in blackface and pretended to hang him.

Did the fun stop there? Not on your life! They then posted the pictures of the disgraceful event on the Auburn University website!

The mind truly boggles.

To Southern white fraternities: I hate you. I hate you with a bloody, screaming, aneurysm-inducing passion. You are worthless yuppie factories. You are the authors of 75% of what is wrong with the South today. I hate you. I hate you individually and collectively. I hate you for your bullshit “machine politics” that extend far, far beyond the borders of college campuses. I hate you for your fucking “Old South parades,” your evil, racist attitudes, and the infuriating impunity with which you commit stupid, thoughtless, heinous, and just-plain-evil acts such as this incomprehensibly tasteless Halloween party.

This place is home to me. It is beautiful, it is a crucible of history, it is a cultural birthplace. But how can I argue that the Bad Old Days are over, when these stupid bastards prove that they plainly aren’t?

May you be ground alive into compost, you fucking inhuman, soulless fools.

Ogre, mock KKK lynchings of frat-boys in blackface aren’t about hate, they’re about heritage.

Don’t think this is solely a Southern thing, but my condolences to what this does for your area of the country.

I am sickened.


I would like to note that the only person allowed to get all over my ass is Gunslinger. :stuck_out_tongue:

That said, apology accepted.

That said, those activities are reprehensible.

Dang, yet another situation in which lavendar incense and chamomile tea most likely won’t do jack shit to make you feel better. All I can say is that as long as there are jackasses like this in the world, I’m glad that people like you are far more representative of the true nature of the South.


Thats horrid, I hope alcohol or some other mind/judgement altering drug was at work becuase someone being that offensive on purpose is sickening.

They’re frat boys. I’m sure they were drunk. Doesn’t make it that much less heinous, though.

You know, as a reformed redneck, I used to buy into that whole load of tripe, until I started realizing that most of the fools spouting “nigger” jokes wouldn’t know about their heritage if it crawled up their leg and wiggled. They’re just spiteful, hate-filled, and, in my humble opinion, well past their expiration date.

I was a TE[sym]F[/sym] in college. I was frequently drunk. If anyone in my fraternity had done something like this, to say nothing of the whole chapter going with this type of “theme”, I would have quit on the spot. Disgusting.

Oh, dear god, how embarrassing! Just goes to show the hazards of inbreeding, I guess. It is a real shame that sort of attitude continues among young people. Even dumb frat boys should know a stunt like that is just beyond the pale. If the University ever completes its investigation, which it may or may not depending on whose kids exactly were involved and what their donation levels are, the students who did this should be expelled, and their fraternities permanently thrown off campus. They should be subject to any criminal charges that may arise from the incident, though it’s unlikely the city police or county agency would want to “bring us the bad press” prosecution would generate. A thought - their punishment should be to do roadside cleanup in Macon County. Shackled, on a chain gang. :smiley:

It isn’t just the South. Remember that frat parade a few years ago that had a float depicting Matt Shepard in effigy tied to a fence? That went past the hospital where Matt Shepard was dying?

Oh that’s just sick.

You mean, while Sheppard was still in the hospital?

Good god, people-have you no shame?

OK. I’m trying really, really hard not to hijack this and start my own rant.


The motherfuckers who thought that either one of these asinine stunts was funny should be dragged out into the streets and quartered by horses. Or better yet - let the frat boys attend a NAACP meeting in blackface, or dressed as KKK members, or any other stupid racist thing they can think of. And as far as the Shepard-bashers … that’s just cruel.

Eat shit and die, scumbags.


“My cat’s breath smells like cat food.” - Ralph Wiggum

This was the only link I could find that mentions the parade float dated 10/14/98:


God, but I loathe that. Ft. Collins was my home, a safe, beautiful place. A fun, happy, tollerant place. Or so I thought.

D*mn you, Esprix, for showing me that ugly underside, the one I missed all the years I grew up there. DAMN You, you hateful people, who infest the town of my memories!

I’m weeping. It hurts.

Okay, that was, um…loving the sinner but hating the sin. Yeah, that’s it!

Okay, maybe that post didn’t come off the way I intended for it too, right after Tranquilis’ post. Some people weep; others of us get cynical and sarcastic and snide. Sorry.

When I went to San Francisco I saw some junkies and prostitutes. But they didn’t ruin what I thought was a great city. When Colin Furgeson shot all those people on the Long Island Expressway I didn’t think he hijacked the repuation of people from that area. When those men beat Matthew Shephard to death I didn’t think the repuation of those from Wyoming was ruined nor did I think that of Texans when James Byrd was dragged to death. (Of course I’m a Texan so make of that what you will.)

Now there are assholes everyhwere and they do bad things. But when it happens in the south somehow people are suppose to think that represents them. When the Jonesboro shooting happened some of the media talk heads brought up what they called “Southern Gun Culture” as being a factor. I never heard them talking about the New York Gun Culture, the Washington D.C. Gun Culture, or the Los Angeles Gun Culture. Of course I heard some midly nasty things about Wyoming after the beating of Shephard. Maybe it is more of a rural thing then anything else, I don’t know.

Point is those frat boys didn’t make their state look bad. They made themselves look bad and perhaps their school. Every state has racist assholes. Hell, even Canada has some pretty mean hate groups.


MGibson, I see your point, but these guys should have known better. If you are at all intelligent in the Deep South, you know that racist “jokes” are under more scrutiny than other places.

These guys are obvious idiots, and all the more so because they haven’t a clue how much this will set their beloved Auburn back on the image scale.

I lived at the University of Mississippi for 12 years. In that time, there were incidents like this, and many got swept under the rug. The current head of UM has a decent vision, and has tried to eradicate some of the divisive symbolism; ie: Rebel flag.

I’m a transplanted Southerner, but was planted young enough to feel more at home here than anywhere else. For all the yahoos like the Auburn ( and in my sad experience, UM, frat boyz), there are countless people, black and white, who have worked hard to understand differences and make this country a better place to live. I moved from Mississippi for sheer economical reasons, but if money were no object, I’d move back there in a heartbeat because it’s the best place to really understand; side by side, how to live with one another.


The fact that they should have known better doesn’t invalidate my point at all.