Surprise! US Navy Admits UFO's Are Real!


Well, they are probably objects. And they are definitely unidentified. The “flying” part may be arguable.

So why do you think the CNN article described objects that defied the laws of physics?

With the great strides made in camera tech and the huge number of cameras in public hands at any one moment, it is strange that the photos of UFO have not increased in quality at all since the 1900’s. There are fewer negative and printing defects being passed off as UFO’s now though. Now it’s mostly Venus, the sun and moon as well as jpeg artifacts that are invading us. :slight_smile:

I don’t see any physics being defied.

I disagree with your assessment. 252 knots is not what I would call a pilot trying to follow/engage/identify anything. that’s puttin around speed.

I took 2 very clear pix of my recent UFO. I just knew Aliens were looking to land in the back 40 and come make an impromptu tossed salad of me and my pets.
Welp?!? Nope. It was a
drone that took a little jaunt over my deck. It even snapped 2 pix of me.
I expected the FBI but it turns out 2 guys who worked for a timber company came and searched for their property on my property. No luck;)
My pix are very convincing. Looks just like you would think an Alien vessle might look like. Can’t believe pictures. At. All.

Exactly, that is how I piss off nutters - back in the late 80s my Mom and I were headed back from Rochester NY to a small town just south and west, and we saw a glowing green ball streak past us going from East to West [more or less] which I am 99+% certain was a meteorite. Since I do not know for certain what that flying object was, it was in all truth an unknown flying object =)

I would be very surprised if the tracking is manual. I used to operate a FLIR turret for a civilian company and once the target was “locked” the turret would track it by itself with similar precision to what is shown in the “UFO” videos.

I’d considered that, but the background goes by with all the variance of a Hanna Barbara cartoon background. The background is always going the same way with no variance in speed or direction or relative angle to the plane that I can see at all.

Unless I’m not understanding what is being displayed?

You tell that timber company you want the two pics of you as .jpg files AND at least ten 5x7 prints of each view. Also explain if the choose to use your likeness for any purpose whatsoever, they will have to get a release form signed by you and witnessed by two people who are not in the employ of said timber company. Furyhermore, you will only allow a limited release, for a specific purpose, and said release will have an expiration date.

We don’t need drone peeping toms!

But on the bright side, you can send pics with your Christmas cards this year! :wink:

I really think the drone is in the pond. I’ve looked for it for days. The timber guys are making nusciences of themselves.

UFO stands for Unidentified Flying Object. If one is determined to be an alien spacecraft, then it has been identified and no longer counts as a UFO.

Obvs that grey aliens are around here. Are you so blind as to deny that?

PS not unfriendly

To get a sense of what’s happening you have to look at the various numbers around the edge of the screen. In the “gimbal” video, the FLIR is initially looking about 50º left of the aircraft nose and the aircraft is banking left. As the aircraft turns “inside” the object the FLIR gets more and more aligned with the nose of the aircraft. Basically the object is tracking right to left and the aircraft turns to point directly at it.

I’m not at all suggesting that it is footage of an alien spacecraft, but as someone who has some experience using a FLIR turret, I don’t find the way it tracks the object to be unusual or indicative of a screen spot or insect. I would think an insect on the screen to be so far out of focus that you wouldn’t even see it.

Mick West of Metabunk has analysed these three videos, and thinks they are probably mundane objects of unknown provenance.

He says:

These suggestions do not necessarily agree with the eye-witness accounts from the Nimitz incident, which have some intriguing details in addition to the film clip; but since we can only analyse the clips directly, it seems they do not provide very good proof of anything extraterrestrial.