Surprise! US Navy Admits UFO's Are Real!

I mean…we all knew it already…right?

In all seriousness this is pretty cool. The US Navy is admitting that declassified video/audio CLEARLY shows pilots trying to follow/engage/identify things that don’t look like what they are used to seeing and/or seem to fly in ways that defy physics. Cool for naval aviators to feel encouraged to report flying objects in a timely manner for…TA DA! Figuring out what these things are rather than stigmatize pilots as nuts and discouraging reporting them. Nice work, Navy!


The truth is out there.

Was there ever any question that UFOs were real? The question is if any of these UFOs are aliens.

Also, UFO’s Rock Bottom and Doctor Doctor have been proven to rock decades ago.

If we had a Space Force then these kind of things would quit happening I mean pronto.

Then we’d just have UFOs…in space, space, space…

Wait a dang minute. I ain’t got used to drones invading my air space, yet.
How’s a country girl supposed to get peace and quiet with all this noise? Hmmm?

Blast some old UFO deep cuts. Problem solved.

Here are Youtube links to the three US military videos of unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) released by To The Stars Academy of Arts & Science a couple of years ago, which have now been acknowledged by the US Navy:

#1. “Gimbal”:

#2. “FLIR1”:

#3. “Go Fast”:

The Navy said the videos were real, not that UFOs or aliens were concerned.

There is a more clear clip which makes it more apparent that the object is an insect on the inside of the lens/ window.

ETA: um, yeah, the “Gimbal” one in WAM’s ninja post.

After watching all three, my conclusion is that Raytheon needs to work the bugs out.

I’d like to see similar videos of such planes chasing known objects, so we get a sense of how good these images normally are.

Because my impression is that these UFOs must be piloted by Blobsquatch, because there’s so little detail shown.

This. I can’t believe anyone genuinely thinks otherwise. If it’s not a foreign body in/on the imaging system, then the Navy pilot is doing a an impossibly excellent job of tracking a moving target.

I didn’t see anything in your link that support this claim.

It does say;

When you say UFO, do you mean any flying object that they could not identify or do you mean an alien machine?

Technically, any airborne object you cannot identify IS a “UFO”, but is it extraterrestrial in origin?

so the statement “UFOs are real” is true… from a specific point of view…

Your jedi mind tricks will not work here. :slight_smile:

FWIW, Air East 31 does not wish to report one of those, either.

Any unidentified flying object.

In the real world, we’ve had a space command for decades. Not sure if that qualifies as the space force that Trump wanted to deploy.

Edited to add, that organization includes “Combined Force Space Component Command (CFSCC), and Joint Task Force Space Defense (JTF-SD)”, both of which have the words force and space in their names. So I think Donald Trump got his wish.

Exactly, these videos look incredibly underwhelming. Old photos of rods looked more believable. The F-18 is tracking this “object” and it stays exactly centered in the display, plus remains consistent against the background? This doesn’t seem right.

If this is example of what the Navy considered “UFOs” they need to do a little remedial education on observation skills and working the sensors.

Doctor doctor? Puh-lease!

Now THIS is how a UFO image should look in the 21st century! It looks…alien. And it’s a clear image, not like Blobby McBlobberson on the FLIR sensor.