Surprising cameos in movies or TV shows

That “obscure movies” thread had a reference to Ron Jeremy in a mainstream picture, which made me think of this.

So, what are some of yours?

Here are two that immediately come to mind for me:

“Calendar Girls”: The movie was disappointing, but I did watch it to the end, and I was kind of glad I did because the women are all staying at a hotel along with several members of Anthrax. :smiley: I found that quite amusing.

One of Pee-Wee Herman’s movies has Twisted Sister in a cameo. The movie is rated PG because they’re performing a song called “Burn In Hell”.

Thread from several years ago. (But obviously feel free to add more.)

It shouldn’t have been a surprise, but the cameos at the end of 21 Jump Street surprised me when they were revealed.

Bill Murray’s appearance in Zombieland surprised and tickled me.

Oscar the Grouch in the Muppet Movie.

A cameo in a Muppet movie should never be a surprise…

DeNiro in

American Hustle surprised me.

I was just about to mention that one.

Most recently, I would say James Gandolfini’s role as the CIA Director in Zero Dark Thirty was the most surprising, esp. because it took me a few minutes to realize it was him!

One of my recent favorites is from the remake of The Italian Job, where Seth Green’s nerdy tech character says that he originally invented Napster when he was in college but his roommate stole it. They show a flashback of him asleep in college and someone sneaks in and steals a disk that says “Napster” on it. The thief in the scene was actually Shawn Fanning, the creator of Napster.

And possible one of the best of all time, from Annie Hall

This one.
Made the damn show.

Well, it’s very recent and so deliberate as to be contrived, but I was tickled by the sudden, brief appearance of

Captain America

in Thor: The Dark World.

I was also surprised there was no Nick Fury appearance. Don’t they have him signed to play the role about thirty-leven times?

Nice… Was expecting Goldblum, but this one is better since Goldblum was a nobody when he did AH, so not really a cameo.

Back to School with:

Kurt Vonnegut
Oingo Boingo
Sam Kinison

One of the most hilarious and unexpected punchlines in movie history. :smiley:

I was watching The Adventures of Baron Munchausen the other night with my kid and forgot the very brief cameo by Sting.

Brett Favre in There’s Something About Mary

In the most recent episode of “The Good Wife”, when the father of Marilyn’s baby is revealed as

Peter Bogdonavich!

Tom Cruise in Tropic Thunder. Bonus point, 'cuz it wasn’t until his second appearance that I figured out it was a cameo.

Do we maybe need a working definition of “cameo” here?

Michael Jackson on The Simpsons.

I was watching “Two and a Half Men” a couple of seasons ago where Charlie had to use the restroom quite desperately, but it was in use. The occupant eventually comes out and is none other than Eddie Van Halen, carrying his guitar.