Survey: Ever won anything cool in a raffle

A really creepy stuffed clown doll and a big jar of jellybeans, for coming the closest to guessing the number of jellybeans in the jar. I was off by 8 or 10 beans IIRC.

I’ve also won gift certificates to restaurants, mini-golf passes, and passes to museums.

My mom won a hand-held color TV in a raffle a few years ago.

I won a cash prize in a 50-50 raffle at the town fair where my parents grew up, when I was 12.

The very next year, I won a color TV in the same raffle, at the same town fair.

Sadly, we won an 8 foot tall rubber tree plant once.

Try getting that home from an office Christmas party in a Geo Prizm someday. I think we broke several laws of the universe that night.

Ha! We won a 1976 Plymouth Volare at a church raffle…fortunately, the upkeep was within our means.

I won a giant gatorade cooler at the Canadian Open (golf).

I won a 10lb chocolate bar (huge!) when I was in Jr. High. The really pathetic part was that the school was having a magazine subscription fundraiser and for every subscription you sold your name went into the raffle to win this prize. Some kids sold hundreds of subscriptions and I sold one to myself (Rolling Stone, I think…maybe “Sassy”) and one to my mom (Consumer Reports.) I actually felt bad for a while, until the sugar buzz kicked in, haha.

And like sWitchhazel I got a bit of a jolt – I was called to the office over the PA system with no indication of why. I was wracking my brain trying to figure out what I was in trouble for!

3 times I’ve won all-in-one stereo systems at office parties. We’ve kept two, but the last one I returned and put toward a dishwasher.

I’ve won a pretty crummy hand-crocheted lap blanket, and a super-cool 7 cup brand-new Quisinart food processor. Those suckers are HEAVY.

4 day Mexican cruise for 2. Took the baby and had to pay extra for an upgrade, but still not too bad of a deal. The airfare was seperate, and we drove to the ship, so we still have 2 plane tickets to use.

Coincidentally, we get 5 free days of skiing in Colorado, so we may fly out there and do that, paying only for a cheapy hotel and food. Or maybe out to DC to check out the Smithsonian. Who knows?

$100 Gift Certificate - from the local grocery store

Yes, a trip for 2 to the Grand Canyon, with an all you can eat and drink deal at the most expensive restaurant there. I think I made myself ill from the food and too much drink.

I have won:

A 6 foot tall Christmas stocking filled with a bunch of useless stuff.

A go kart with a green plastic Corvette body and 7up stickers all over it. I gave it to a church for a charity raffle to avoid paying taxes on it.

A Magellen hand held GPS unit. Sold it on Ebay.

A case of Union 76 racing oil. One of the sponsors of my race car at that time was a distributor of Castrol motor oil. I got all the oils and lubricants I needed for free. I used it in an old Dodge pickup I had at the time.

I won a *Sleeping Beauty * coloring book in kindegarten.
It was used
$500 on a scratch off lottery ticket.
$50 in a raffle in high school.

Once, I won all the prizes at a baby shower. (Door prize and two trivia contests. ) Smelly soap anyone?

A very good friend of mine, who has been out of work for over a year, recently won one of those call in radio contests. **$12,000 **.

I was very happy for her.

I won a portable cd player in a drawing at the summer picnic at my last paying job (I had to join the PAC someone was pushing to get tickets). It was the first cd player we owned, and we joined the BMG music club in order to get something to play on it. We used that for our home cd player for almost twelve years.

Three years ago, I won two Picasso prints in a raffle we held for the elementary school’s Destination Imagination teams. It was a little embarrassing, because my family and I had ended up buying a whole slew of tickets when the sale wasn’t going well, so I won first prize and my brother won third. The “two Picasso prints” turned out to be two copies of the SAME print, so I traded one of them to my brother for the prize he’d won - a one-month child’s gymnastics course (he’s childless).

What are you guys doing that I’m not? The ONLY thing I’ve ever won in a raffle was a lousy bag of cottonballs. I priced them my next trip to WalMart, 50 cents on sale. I believe I am jealous of you lucky ducks…

:eek: Oh God!!! The virtual raffle slipped my slippery mind.
I refuse to say “my bad” because it’s a silly phrase, but…gawd, do I suck!

Okay, that was four cool things.

–the grateful bollix :wink:

I suck, and I’m losing it.

I also won my digital camera from my credit union’s raffle.

when I was about 14, about 1974 I won a leisure suit! I had no need for it, so my dad gladly took it-and wore it!