Survey: Ever won anything cool in a raffle

I’ve won:

–a nice brown and tan afghan, handknitted by a grandma

–a big basket of L’Oreal products

–a ceramic mug with a metallic seal/logo on it from a college

–a cute Snowman decoration made from an upside down flowerpot, among other things

I won my favourite teddy bear in a sort of raffle in my first-grade class. His name is Charity Bear and he served as my pillow nightly until I was 13 :slight_smile: He is now living an honourable retirement on my bookcase.

I won a raffle for an airline ticket to Phoenix, Arizona, that my company bought and then couldn’t use. So I took a weekend and went to the Grand Canyon.

I once won a frying pan, when I was 12.

I won a Lotus Elise 111s last Christmas

(In case anyone doesn’t know what such a thing is, here is a little picture )

And yes, it was a real one, but no I didn’t keep it, because I won it in England and the cost to re-register it in Ireland, insure and run it would be somewhat beyond me.

I won a cake with blue icing in a school fete raffle when I was about 6 or 7 or something or maybe my mum did I don’t remember-it isn’t very cool but it is the only thing I have ever won!

(And I don’t have it anymore!)

No bleeding way!?!?! So did you sell it in the UK and get the cash?

Jaysus, I thought winning a holiday to Cuba would be hard to beat. My missus won it after running a 10km sponsored race in aid of breast cancer research. The charity held a raffle among all those who had chosen to collect sponsorship for them. We went last January and had a great time at the expense of the afflicted;).

A Lotus though - we’re only in the Vauxhall Conference in comparison.

Didn’t you win a nice new hat in OpalCat’s raffle recently. It only made “among other things”, you ungrateful bollix;). yojimbo prayed to his god for that hat - I had to buy him one to compensate for his extreme dejection (which expressed itself in all sorts of ways - let’s just say we had to start putting bromide in his tea again).

How about a stainless steel mousepad with an engine-turned surface, complete with wooden presentation case and polishing cloth.

Sadly, it doesn’t work with optical mice. But it looks cool!

Yup, sure did.

Quite a coup, eh?

Ah, but my frying pan was non-stick.

Let’s hope that yojimbo wears his nice new hat tonight.

I completely forgot about filling in a raffle ticket at a local blood drive one year. Two weeks later they left a message on my machine saying, “Miss Hazel, this is so-and-so from the Medic Blood Center. I need you to call me at xxx-xxxx.” I thought they were going to tell me I was infected with something. :eek:

When I called it took several minutes for them to figure out why a message had been left for me. They kept putting me on hold and then another person would ask my name and put me on hold again. Somebody finally said, “Oh, you won a prize.” It was a battery operated AM/FM radio. It’s actually been quite useful, but I don’t think it was worth the near heart attack.

Ah, but was it a friend to you throughout your entire childhood? :wink:

I won a Sony Trinitron TV. It was worth around $700.

My parents won their choice of 100 steaks or $100. This was back in the 60s when you could actually get a good steak for a buck. They took the cash (no deep freeze to put all those steaks in).

My husband won $1500 in the Illinois lottery (before he won my heart).

I won a McGill skateboard when I was 13.

Ladies Diamond Cocktail ring - from a college Speech team raffle
Laser Disk Player - from a record store
Bottle of Gin - on an airplane when I was 12
Belt Buckle - at a rodeo
Aviation Book - at a flying seminar

I won a $500 shopping spree at a local jeweler’s about eight years ago. I ended up buying a 14kt gold charm bracelet and several charms.

Since then I’ve added many more charms to it, and it will end up being a beautiful heirloom that I plan on passing down to my daughter.

I flipped out when they called me because up until then, I’d never won a thing in my life, unless you count cakes during Halloween party cake walks!

Freshman year in high school, a drawing was held for everyone trying out for the lacrosse team. The prize was a nice midfield stick. My name was chosen and I won it.

I was one out of only two people who didn’t make the team. I kept the stick anyway.

I won a really nice pair of binoculars at a work raffle.

At an old job, I won an inkjet printer at the X-mas party raffle.

$50 at a school contest
That about wraps it up for me, I guess.