Survey Plat

I am looking for some help in reading a survey plat that I was just given after house closing. Is there anyone in this message board that I could ask for help, Thanks

I might be able to help.

There’s at least one surveyor and a couple of urban planners who are members here. I’ve done a little work with them but would defer to the pros. It might help if you listed off your questions – you don’t need to list everything at once./ That way we can target specifics.

A couple of useful generalizations: any area given is, of its very nature, an approximation. The external dimensions are vectors, not just lengths … 180.53 feet in the direction north 50 degrees 13 minutes 21 seconds east for example. (“Minutes” and “seconds” are fractions of a degree, not time measurements, in this context.)

can you post a photo of the plat? (it’s usually enough to take a photo with a cell-phone camera, and post it on a site like flicker,then give us the link.)

Yes a photo would help. Or ask your question.

I used to draw these. I assume you are talking about an Impovement Location Certificate. or ILC. That is what generaly comes with a closing. It’s not a true survey per-se. Just a document stating that your impovements do not encroach into easments and/or other property (and visa-versa).

(it is a drawing that some might confuse with a ‘plat’)