Survive an airplane crash in the Arctic!

Inspired by this thread, which I unsuccessfully tried to hijack :slight_smile: :

What special survival supplies (if any) do planes the fly the polar route carry in the event of a crash in the frozen North? Also, would a rescue be possible even if the plane came down something like intact, and with survivors?

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As I understand it, there are no special provisions. The airliners that fly the Arctic Circle don’t have any special thermal clothing for hypothermia or carry any special provisions different than airliners that don’t fly in the Arctic Circle. So if an airplane ditched in Alaska, the passengers and crew might be frozen dead before long.
(At least, I had asked this exact same question elsewhere, and that’s what I was told.)


But it looks like icebergs, polar bears (north) and penguins (south) are not addressed. If a plane crashes up north, it’s frozen treats for the bears.

So a couple of suits for the crew to get out and talk to the refueler but nothing specifically for passenger survival. Bugger.

In a 1991 crash north of Thule 5 out of the 18 who survived the crash froze to death. They had some sleeping bags and tents but it took 30 hours for help to arrive. There’s probably been Soviet and Russian air crashes north of the Arctic Circle.