Survive the night in 0.8L?

So let’s suppose I’m out in the bush somewhere. This could range from lowland swamp to coastal jungle to treeline to interior desert. I’m carrying as little as possible: the clothes on my back, an emergency silvered-cloth bivi sac, and a 0.8L (about a pint and a half for non-metric type people out there…) pot that’s full of stuff. It has a bail handle that clamps over the lid, and I’ve wrapped the rim with teflon tape, so we can assume the contents are dry. So what should I have thought to put in the pot? Remember, light weight, not much space, and I don’t have to enjoy the night; just wake up alive the next morning :slight_smile:

So far, I have:

small knife
triangular bandage
bandanna (both for tinder and to keep everything from rattling in transit)

what else should I not leave home without? I’m assuming I have a map of the area and compass elsewhere on my person, unless I’ve lost the clothes on my back in some creative way, too. Also on my keychain I have a somewhat larger knife and an LED micro-flashlight (unless I’ve lost them, hence the small knife in the emergency kit)

A space blanket would be number one on my list, and they are tiny when in original packaging.

One night? Unless the weather really sucks, the bivy sack is all you need. Everything else is just for comfort. That said, I’d put in one of those waterproof emergency rain ponchos, some insect repellent, and one of those wire saws for cutting firewood. And maybe some boullion cubes and water purification tablets.

How about a small mirror in case you needed to try and signal someone? Assuming you were lost, of course.


water purification tablets.

yeah, I was counting on the bivi sac. Though a poncho for visibility and rigging overhead might be worth it. And some dental floss to rig with.

Painkillers also sound like a good idea, coz, hey, I might be hurtin’…

I have a mirror compass, so unless I’ve lost it, it can signal. Though if I see a cheap/ small one I could add that. Otherwise the lid of the pot might work.

I’ll have to see if I can get water purifiers individually blister-packed; a bottle of 50 seems like overkill.

I’ll probably add broth cubes and/ or tea and sugar. As much as anything, to occupy hands and mind with something. I hear loneliness kills more people than hypothermia… Or makes you go stark raving crazy and then you do dumb stuff and end up hypothermic… I guess a wire saw could do the same. I had seen the pocket chain saws, which I hear are highly effective, but dismissed it as too big and heavy. But a wire version could fit in nicely.

Give me one of these
a power bar
A space blanket
and a half liter of water

Heck if this is just an overnighter I’ll pack my Palm Pilot & keyboard, a cool little pen light I have that works as a lantern and some popcorn (along with your list). Build a fire, pop the corn in the kettle and spend the night writing (I could use the time).

Now make it a week and you’ve got a more interesting problem.