Surviving on Ejaculate?

Could a male, who is stranded alone without food or water, survive on his own semen? And for how long?

Your body must be a lot different than mine. How do I suck my own dick? I ain’t a dog.

Why couldn’t the male ejaculate into a leaf or even his palm?

I’ll hazard a WAG and say no. Isn’t semen salty? Wouldn’t it thereby speed up the dehydration process? Even if it isn’t, it wouldn’t be anywhere near enough to stave off dehydration.

Drunken idiot here:

As a chubby woman, I’ve had fantasies of being caged and living on nothing but the cum I was allowed. I wonder if it would work? You know…as a weight loss plan. At least you’d be getting your protein.

If anyone figures it out…let me know.


That’s just silly. Where would the energy come from for producing the ejaculate? That’s like asking if a snake could survive by eating its own tail.

No, he could not.

Just like autophagy (eating bits of oneself, we did a thread on this topic a while back) there would be a net loss in calories and basic essential amino acids and fatty acids. Even if operating at 100% efficiency in digesting the semen, the body’s losses via urine and sweat and feces would eventually result in dehydration and malnutrition.

But heck, want to try the experiment? Go for it and let us know how it turns out.

Question answered . . . thread closed.

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