Survivor 10/02: "She Obviously Is Post-Op"

I missed the title quote, but I’m assuming that it referred to Crystal. I don’t know who said it.

So, not really any huge surprises tonight. Fang finally starts to win some. Ace pulls a power play (picking on the weakest tribe member for it). Charlie gets to manhandle Dan (don’t think Charlie wasn’t lovin’ that…).

Sugar’s smarter than she looks or acts. I kind of like her, even though I find her alliance-mate to be a tool.

Don’t really have that much else to say. I’m sure I’ll remember stuff later.

Almost forgot about the previews!

Isn’t it a little early for them to be busting out the pecking order challenge?

A lot of drama for a first Tribal Council. That could be a sign of bad things to come for them.

What was that one woman going on about with “condescending”? She sounded like Sarah Palin answering Katie Couric.

I liked tonight’s episode. I adore Sugar now, despite Ace being a total prick. Okay, he’s not a prick but he’s arrogant enough for his entire tribe. I’m just hoping Ace’s overconfidence doesn’t end up screwing her over later. Oh, and she is absolutely gorgeous.

And yeah…Kelly at Tribal Council. Man, I felt bad for her because that was just plain dumb. “What assets does Ace have?” “He’s condescending sometimes.” “Wait, condescending is a good thing?” “No, sometimes it’s not.” :rolleyes: I wonder why we hadn’t seen more of this girl before.

To me, that had tribal switch written ALLLLLLLL over it.

I like Sugar. I hope she doesn’t let Ace ruin her game.

I didn’t hear the title quote, either.

I can’t believe Paloma’s strategy didn’t work: “Like, I’ll just say what I need to say really fast 'til I get people to think and get their brains going and make them, like, all crazy and, like, thinking.” Really, how could that fail?

When Sugar told Ace about her having the HII, did he say something like, “I’ll bring it to every Tribal Council just in case” ? How very presumptuous.

How did I start liking Randi? I feel sick.

Lastly, when trying to recruit the fifth member of your alliance…it’s probably a bad idea to mention that you already have a tight 4-person alliance. Makes Bob feel like he’s an outsider…which he is.
Tell him you have an alliance of 2 and he’s number three. Then get him to help you ‘convince’ the other 2 to join. Preferably by making it his choice to go after those 2.

No, he told her she should bring it.

EDIT: Actually, he may have said “we.”

I think he actually said, “I’d bring it to Tribal Council…”, which isn’t pretentious or anything, just good advice.

I must say I’m awfully dismayed at the “vote out the hottie” trend we’re seeing. 2 out of 3 so far. The HD format is going to be completely wasted if this keeps up.

I kind of liked Paloma B4 she got that superior smirk when it was Ace 2 her 1. After that I was glad to see it wiped off her face.

Have we seen enough of Ace to know he’s obnoxious, or is it just that two other contestants say he is? If it’s the former I must have missed it.

He has an extremely high opinion of himself and isn’t exactly shy about showing that. Plus he seems to be a bit of a know-it-all which, though useful, is rarely a good thing to have just hanging out there in this game.

I think I might have missed something. Marcus was immune at tribal council apparently. When/how did that happen?

In the premiere episode, Marcus was first up the hill for Kota, so he got the individual immunity idol that was hanging at their station at the top. Since this was Kota’s first Tribal Council, that idol was still eligible to be played. Now that the first Kota TC is over, it’s useless.

Oh, right. Thanks!

Right there with you.

The past few seasons, one of the hotties has been either the first or second to go, but this season is ramping it up by sending two home in the first three tribals.

Not a fan.

Dude, Jillian was not that hot.


Okay, this is probably racist, but was I the only one to call the Asian kid vs Physics professor reward challenge? :smack:

Yes, it is racist; you should make a public apology to Physics professors everywhere! :wink:

Anyhoo, if you mean the Immunity Challenge and which two would solve the puzzles, I doubt it. First, Bob and Ken were put to better use solving the puzzle than swimming; second, race aside, if you’re trying to solve a number puzzle, you could do worse than a gamer geek and a science professor.

I was frankly surprised that Ken beat Bob. I just assumed that Bob would take one look at the puzzle and all the figures would just start floating in mid-air, all “NUMB3RS”-like and he’d have it in about 4 seconds.

Ace is so full of himself that I think it’s going to end up biting him in the butt very shortly. I think Sugar will string him along rather than vice versa, and than conspire to get rid of him. She’s smarter than most people are giving her credit for, and I think she’ll make it to F4.

I think part of the problem is that they’re casting hot people because they’re hot people, not casting people who are interested in the game that also happen to be hot. I also think the problem lies directly with pick-and-choosing tribes. If Michelle hadn’t been on Fang I doubt she would have been the first to go. Similarly in Fiji it was a tribe pick 'em (sort of) and the young girls were the first to be voted out there too.