Survivor 5/11

It’s down to the final four. What the heck is up with this ‘extra’ episode? I wouldn’t think they would eliminate someone tonight and to into the 2-hr finale on Sunday with only 3 people left. My curiosity is piqued… I’m sure there are spoliers out there, but I haven’t heard 'em (nor do I want to!)

I think Terry had a point with the challenge rules changing. I thought it was one look per trip out, too, and I hope there is something extra done for him as a result.

There’s already so much filler in the 2 hour finale when they start with 4 people, I’m not looking forward to additional fluff when the start with 3.

I can’t stand Cirie. I really hope her sorry ass goes home tonight.



Preview rant:

Hire some competent editors to make the next week previews, eh? Way to give away who wins. :mad:

I didn’t watch the previews.

I did watch the previews, and

I’m clueless. So what about the previews gave it away – and why should we believe the promo monkeys?

At least the ending tonight caught me completely by surprise!

It was really, really obvious that Cirie’s fire will reach the string before Danielle’s does. You could see this HUGE flaring thing on Cirie’s station and just a little smoke on Danielle’s.

Oh, okay. I thought you meant

who wins the entire show, not who wins the fire-starting contest. Yeah, I saw that, too. But, of course, I still don’t trust the promo monkeys!

Re Wolfian’s rant: I AGREE! Way to suck out any suspense from the show. Not that I really liked Danielle anyway.


I am too afraid of messing up a spoiler tag to give my reasons, but I disagree.

Oh . . . I got a different impression from the promo.

I saw what I thought was Terry, Danielle and Aras competing in the next games (climbing some wooden thing, I think) and then just a head shot of Cirie. I assumed Cirie must be the one who got the boot.

Actually, I’d swear I saw in an earlier promo ad this week,

Cirie climbing around that big wooden thing they showed Aras and Terry on in the previews

so I really have no idea now what’s going on…

Seems to me that Terry should have either given the hidden idol to Danielle, or at least put some effort into making Aras and Cirie thinking that he might. I guess he likes his chances in the final 3 challenge and with the jury, but having at least a chance of Danielle taking him to the final should she win is better than the guarantee that he will be voted out by either Cirie or Aras. Plus it would have been quite amusing to see Courtney’s face when Danielle pulled out the idol. Since when has she hated Danielle, anyways?

That’s what I was fuming about.

Wow, two interesting episodes in a row. Then again, Survivor’s been like that for the past couple years. Boring set-up, then really good endings.

Re: the ending – What the f***!?

I am feeling more than a bit of survivor interruptus unhappiness/anger. Anyone else?

I knew last week that there would be a good chance of a tie. The extra episode kind of gave away the outcome, too-- a face off carried over to Sunday. From the preivews:

I watched the fire match in slow-mo, and it sure looked like Cirie had it hands down.


The only footage they show of Danielle was from today’s sand-digging challenge. The only two people you see on the new challenge are Aras and Terry. Also, someone else said it…I saw a slightly different preview earlier this week that made it look like Cirie was also on the big wooden thing…

And as to this week’s watching at the Aras household, he’d hosed his mom over and had her convinced he was leaving tonight. Needless to say the place erupted when he won immunity.

No idea where the “degrading comments toward women” came from, and I didn’t press Aras on it…he did seem regretful, but that took us all by surprise. I think Aras calling Terry out during the reward challenge (“Someone call a whaaambulance, Terry’s crying on the course”) got me to laugh harder than anything in any Survivor (apparently it came from Aras’s basketball days).

When is the ‘extra’ episode? Isn’t the finale Sunday, and that’s it? Granted, they usually do go into the finale with just the three of them, but I think since they’re goinng up against the West Wing and Law & Order:CI finales, they wanted to carry over something.